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On the 1983 model: The large York compressor is stationary and non-adjustable. In order to remove the belt, you have to remove the bolts that surround the large bolt on the crankshaft pulley. Once those small bolts (10mm socket) are removed, the 'split' pulley separates and the belt literally falls off.

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2010-03-17 12:24:34
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Q: How do you remove a 1983 Volvo wagons AC belt in order to replace timing belt?
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When do you replace the timing belt on a Volvo s60 diesel?

96000 miles

How often should you replace timing belt on 1990 Volvo 740gle?

You MUST replace the cam belt every 50,000 miles on this Volvo. Warning: This is an interference engine.

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What miles do you replace a timing belt on a 2.4 petrol Volvo S80?

Dealership told me every 90,000 miles

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