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First you must remove the interior door panel, There are 3-4 screws at the bottom of the panel two in the door handle one behind upper speaker the also one behind the lock switch. You'll also have to remove the black panel that covers the mirror assembly and wiring. Bue careful with this panel a trim tool is recommended one that removed Christmas tree style plugs. You should also use it to remove the door panel itself, gently pull on the edges of the door and you will find where the plugs are. Once the panel is off you must pull back the water proofing ( clear plastic ) then you can access the speaker. 3 screws remove the speaker, then you can un plug it and replace. There is a black seal around the speaker which actually serves to water proof your car door. Replacing this speaker with an aftermarket one is quite hard because not only is it held in with 3 screws (where most aftermarket ones are 4) but it will ruin your water seal and there is a chance your car could have water leakage. Be careful.

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Q: How do you remove a 2002 Saturn L200 door speaker?
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