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Remove the black cover clips by the license plate. Undernearth are 10mm bolts. Remove the bolts.Remove the two bottom push in type pins with a flat head screwdriver. pull down on the side where the open slots are. The rubber base of the pins stays agains the car until you pull the entire thing out by hand.Remove the two Phillips screws on the left on right side under the wheel wells.

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Q: How do you remove a 2003 Honda Civic bumper?
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How do you change a headlight lens on a 2003 Honda Civic?

you need to remove the bumper to access the 2 10mm bolts of the headlight

Will a 2004-2005 Honda civic front bumper fit on a 2003 without changing headlights?

No, headlights are different

How do you replace headlights on a 2003 Honda civic ex?

You have to take out the bumper. Just take out the screws that are in the fender, take out the plastic cover that it is under the car that is attached to the bumper, take out the clips of the plastic grille with the Honda logo and pull the bumper. Don't apply to much force. When the bumper is out you will see the other bolts to remove the headlight.

How do you remove right front fender on 2003 civic?

The right front fender on the 2003 Honda Civic is held on by several mounting bolts and screws. Raise the hood and loosen the bolts. Raise the vehicle and remove the wheel to reach the bolts in the wheel weld. Remove the bolts inside the door hinge and the screws on the bumper. Remove the fender.

How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2003 Honda Civic LX?

you have to remove the screws from the top of your bumper and remove the screws from the front of the wheel well bumper should slide forward then remove two bolts on top of headlight then remove bolt under headlight then housing should come right out

How many valves does the 2003 Honda Civic have?

The 2003 Honda Civic has 16 valves.

How much does a 2003 Honda Civic cost?

A 2003 Honda Civic'c cost will depend largely on the amount of miles on the Honda Civic. The more miles on the civic, the cheaper the Honda Civic will be.

Is the 2003 Honda Civic electric or gas?

The 2003 Honda Civic is a gas-powered vehicle.

What kind of transmission does the 2003 Honda Civic have?

The 2003 Honda Civic has a 5-speed manual.

What is the cam type of the 2003 Honda Civic?

The 2003 Honda Civic has single overhead cam (SOHC).

What is the turning circle of the 2003 Honda Civic?

The 2003 Honda Civic's turning circle is 34.1 ft..

How tall is the 2003 Honda Civic?

The height of the 2003 Honda Civic is 4 ft. 7.1 in. (55.1 in.).

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