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Most door panels are held on by a combination of fasteners. There are usually the standard "Push to Latch" plastic devices (that need to be pryed out to disengage them) along with a number of different sized screws.

The screws are usually in and around the door handle area and there may be some behind any little "Plugs" that are used to cover screws. Once you find and unscrew all of the screws just pull the panel till it "Pops" loose.

I find that it's best to go to the parts store and get new plastic parts to replace the plastic fasteners you "Poped" out when removing the door panel. The plastic parts never hold quite as well after you remove them.

You will also need to remove the wires (connectors) from any and all switches that are part of the door panel before you can completely remove the panel and set it aside.


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Q: How do you remove a door panel for a 93 Buick Regal?
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How do you replace a Buick Regal door panel bulb?

take the panel off the door, everything is inside

How do you remove door panel on Buick Lucerne?

how do you remove left rear door panel on a 2008 buick lucerne cxs.

How do you replace an interior door handle for a Buick regal?

Should have access after removing inner door panel

Is it expensive to repair door handles on a 1989 Buick Regal that do not open from the outside?

no, you can buy a replacement door handle on eBay and remove door panel and just watch your plastic clips.

How do you replace door panel courtesy bulbs on 1995 Buick riviera?

Remove the door panel.

How do you get door on 94 Buick regal to open?

the rear door of the 94 buick regal is locked & will not open

How to remove the door panel on 1999 Buick LeSabre?

Using a screw driver, remove the screws and the clips that are in the door panel. Gently pull the door panel away from the frame, remove any wire connectors and the door panel should be free.

2006 Buick lucerne door panel removal?

I have to replace the drivers side door handle on a 2006 Buick Lucerne. How do I remove the panel to access the bolts on the handle. (Like most panels there isn't visible screws to remove the panel.

How do you remove the inside door handle of a 1995 Buick Century?

You have to remove the door panel...not easy, but do-able. Once that is off you can remove the door handle and replace it.

Weight of a 1986 Buick regal?

YOu can check the inside door panel sticker for the curb weight. SHould be around 3200lbs

How do you remove the interior door panel on a 91 Buick century?

Very Carefully

How do you remove left rear door panel on 2002 buick centry?

Unscrew it

How do you replace the front speakers on a 1992 Buick road master?

Front speakers are in the door. remove screws on the door panel, then remove the panel and you'll see the speaker

How do you remove the door panel on a 2000 Buick Century?

The 2000 Buick Century door panel is held in place with for retaining bolts and 10 retaining clips. Remove the retaining bolts and pry outward on the retaining clips.

How do you remove the door speaker in a 1993 buick park avenue?

start by taking the door panel off ....

How do you remove the door panel on Buick Riviera?

Using a screw driver, remove all of the screws and clips in the door panel, and gently pull the panel away from the frame. Remove any of the wire connectors, and pull the panel off the rest of the way.

How do you replace the drivers side door handle on the outside if it has been broken on a 1994 Buick Regal GS?

just go to a junk yard and remove the panel on one of the cars there it's very easy pull two nuts and unscrew panel from door i just did it and was shocked on how easy it was

How do you get around the windshield wash storage bottle when trying to take out the battery of a 1992 Buick Regal 4 door?

you have to remove it

How do you remove the drivers side interior door panel on a 1996 buick century?

Chain Saw

How do you remove front door drivers side panel on 2005 Buick Alero?

There is no such car as a 2005 buick alero?? Did you mean oldsmobile??

How do you change a exterior door handle on a 1991 Buick regal 2 door?

I have a 93 Buick Regal and have replaced the handle 3 times so far. There's a small panel on the inside of door behind the handle, remove it. Look around the door mechanism and you will see two metal clips, these need to be removed. There's one at the top attached to the hammer arm, there's also another one up closer to the key. Then there's two bolts one at the top of the door and the other is close to the key hole. That should remove the handle.

How do you replace door handle on a 1997 Buick Riviera?

remove the door panel, there are 2 bolts that you can get to through holes in the inside steel panel. remove 2 linkages. the handle will then come off from the outside.

Does 1994 buick regal custom have front door speakers?


Where are the fuses located on a 1994 Buick Regal?

Open the front passenger door and remove the plastic cover on the right side of the dash.

How do you remove the door panels on a 1989 Buick Century?

Using a screwdriver, remove all the screws from the panel, remove all the clips from the panel, and gently pull the panel from the frame. Remove and wire connectors between the panel and the frame, then pull the panel off the rest of the way.