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Hmmm. I am not sure what you are asking...If you are asking how to the default (home) start page for your internet browser, and you browser is Internet Explorer...Open the browser, Go to Tool, Internet Options, and choose from 3 options. I use "About Blank" as I prefer not having a default page

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โˆ™ 2006-03-25 19:39:56
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Q: How do you remove address form address bar not home page?
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What is the internet address for the home page of the FAFSA?

The internet address for the home page of the FAFSA is:

What is the website first page called and identified by a unique address.?

A website's main page is called the home page.

On Google Chrome can you set a home page?

Yes. To set the home page, click the wrench by the address bar, click options, and look in the Home Page section under "Basics".

How do you make a page your homepage on a mac?

The same way as in Windows. Type in the web address of your prefered home page and when that page opens then set the home page under the preferences menu.

How do you add Address Bar to your Mozilla Home Page?

I want the Address Bar Back as it originally was. That is on Top of the Page Above Navigation Bar

How do you make an address your home page?

On most pages that you would want to use as a home page there is somewhere to click that says, "Make This My Home Page". You can also just copy the address of the page you wish to make your home page, and on your browser click Tools>>Internet Options>>General Tab>>Paste that address in the section Home Page>>click apply. In regards to a webspace you own, to set up a homepage, your homepage information should be called index.html

How can you remove your email address from WikiAnswers?

You can remove your e-mail address from receiving any communications from WikiAnswers by going to the "My settings" page in the lefthand menu (when logged in) and remove it from the field there.

How do you remove items from iPad home page?

You press and hold the app that you want to remove this also works if you want to move it to a diffrent page

How old is Linda Golding?

She does not give her age on her home page. But click link below for her home page and find a mail address to contact her.

How do you make a home page on Google Chrome?

To make a web page your home page click on the spanner in the top right corner, go to options, and next to the bold title "Home page" select "Open this page:" and type in the web address.

What is bill nye's email address?

You can go to his site, click on Feedback and fill out a form to reach him. See Related Links section below for the link to his home page.

Do web users reference the URL when browsing past the home page?

i want to tel pls answer to keep is wirte your school's home page URL (web address)

What is the shaytards address?

The Shaytards' address is not public knowledge, but you can send them fan mail via their Facebook page. There is a form that you can fill out.

What is XGenStudios' email address?

XGenStudios does not seem to list an e-mail address with which you can contact them. However, their website has a "contact us" page, which you can find at the bottom of their home page. Here, you can leave your name, email address and a message for them.

What is eBay's email address?

To email ebay, use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

What is the website address for university of lagos nigeria?

I have got a HTML code and it asks for a page address how to i get the page address?

The page address is displayed in the URL bar of your browser. This is called the URL or Address of a webpage.

What is toshiba's home page address?

Most international companies have a home page which is simply their name with a top level domain, such as .com etc. The link to Toshiba is below.

How do you set home page?

For Internet Explorer open the browser and click on the Tools icon. Scroll down and click on Internet Options at the bottom. At the top of the window that is opened is your home page settings. Here you can either click the "use current" button to set the page you are viewing as your default home page, or you can manually type the page address in the box.

How do you change what opens first when you click 'Safari' on a Mac?

To change the Home page select Preferences from the Safari menu. In the General section set the New windows open with option to whatever you want, if using a home page type the address in the Home page box or if you have the page open click the Set to Current Page button. Close the preferences window and Safari will open your selected home page when it starts.

Difference between home page and effective home page?

difference between home page and effective home page

Why does AVG secure search work instead of Google?

It's because you did something on your computer to get it that way. To remove it on internet explorer, just click the home drop-down arrow on the top-of-the-screen toolbar (while you're on the secure search page) and click the remove button. Then go to whatever you want your home page to be and click: Add as Home Page

How do you enter your Google group home page?

Please go to this address:

How can you remove the tabs in a page?

You can remove the tabs in page using hook_menu_alter.

How do you put Facebook as your home page?

When you first go to Facebook, on the page where you can sign up or login, if you put in a wrong e-mail address or password, it will take you to a page that says something like, 'Try again', you can click the square that says 'Set Facebook as my home page.'