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Using a small screwdriver carefully pry speaker grill off to gain access. No need to remove whole door panel

The speaker grill is an integral part of the door panel itself - it cannot be simply removed with a screwdriver, as suggested. It's all one molded piece.

Well, on a 97 Saturn (probably similar steps), you have to remove some screws (easy to spot). You then pull up on the panel along the edges to pop the plastic connectors out. Next, slide the door handle assembly to the right and push it through the hole on the panel. If you have power door locks, you need to unhook the plastic clips connected to the metal rods and pull the upper and lower rods free. Be warned, however, they are a pain in the butt to get back on the rods. Speakers are attached with sheet metal screws.

Just finished this on a 96' LS. The panel is one not try to pry the cover off the speaker. Remove 3 or 4 obvious screws. The plastic pocket for the door handle has a locking device...PUSH the pocket in and then forward. After it slides forward the center of the panel will be released. Unclip the plastic keepers on the door lock and handle, the pull out the metal rods (one up, the other down). Remove the mirror control cover (mine is black) by prying it off with need to get brutal. Set the assembley to the side. Now push the whole door panel up and off. You'll need a small Torq driver to take the speaker screws out and be gentle with the plastic expanding inserts because you will have to use them to mount the new speakers using the old screws. Figure the polarity for the original wires...I don't know.

I have a 95 SC1 and after taking off the entier door pannel, I relized it just poped up, you need someting really thin like a sharp pocket knife.

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Q: How do you remove an inside door panel to replace speakers in a 1995 Saturn?
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