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Drop the fuel tank, clean off the top, remove the screws holding the pump assembly in place, twist off the pump assembly, replace the pump then put it all back together.

SORRY but thats a very generic answer....

1st off,,,support tank with jack, disconnect battery, the disconnect the fill and overflow hoses from the metal fill neck, and undo the two straps holding the tank up.. as you drop the tank down carefully, you will have to disconnect the two fuel lines, the vent tube line and the wiring goin to the pump unit. once this is done, drop the tank the rest of the way out. clean off the top of the tank REAL good around the pump/sending unit, the unit is held in with what is called a "lock ring". this comes out by tapping gently with a screwdriver and SMALL hammer, tapping on the tabs and driving the ring counter-clockwise, once free you can then remove the unit, BE CAREFUL, as it doesnt just pull straight out of the hole! it will have the float arm sticking off to the side.. once you have it removed you will see how the pump is mounted to the unit, undo the wires, pull off the old "screen" (ALWAYS replace with NEW screen!!) undo the clamp @ top of pump and remove it,, install new pump, with new clamp and screen, make sure you hook up wiring! reinstall unit into tank and tank into vehicle.. Sorry to whoever wrote the answer above but these are just a little more "involved" and need to be done correctly to make the job worth doing and done right, pumps and labor are expensive just to half a$$ the job... ALSO ALWAYS REMEMBER,, NO SMOKING, OPEN FLAMES, WOOD STOVES OR ANYTHING ELSE WHILE WORKING WITH FUEL!! And yes i am a licensed mechanic with 30 yrs experience and a volunteer fireman also!

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Q: How do you remove and repair the fuel pump on a 1996 Chevy Suburban?
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