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how do you change the rotor in 2000nisan xterra

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Q: How do you remove and replace the front rotors on a Nissan Xterra?
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How do you replaace the rotors from a 2002 Xterra?

2003 Nissan xterra supercharged replace front rotors

How to remove and replace front brake rotors on 1999 Nissan frontier?

how to remove front rotors on 2003 Nissan fronter 4 wheel drive pick up

How do you remove the front rotors on a 95 Nissan PU to replace brake pads?

with a 14mm wrench

How do you change the front brake pad and rotor on a 2005 Nissan xterra? This link get you past the pads, rotors all the way down to the bearings.

How do you replace front rotors on a 2008 Honda accord?

pull off the front wheels. remove the calipers. remove the two screws that hold on the rotors. replace the rotors and reverse the procedure.

Do you have to repack front wheel bearing after turning front brake rotors on a 2004 Nissan 4x4 xterra?

No only should be done when your pads are changed.

How do you replace disc brakes on a 1986 Nissan 300 ZX?

Jack up car, secure on jackstand, Remove wheel, remove two mounting bolts that secure the calipers. Slide calipers out of rotors and hang caliper in a way not to strain brake hose. Pull Rotors off and change for new ones. If you want to change pads, Remove two retaining bolts on the caliper that hold the pads, remove and replace them.

How do you replace Rotors on a 2001 Ford Expedition?

Remove wheels Remove 2 caliper mounting bolts Slide caliper off rotors Rotors should slide off hub

2003 Nissan Xterra front rotor removal?

To change front rotors on a xterra u have to remove the brake caliper and brake guard off the rotor and then remove the gold cap off the hub and unscrew the two screws holding the wheel bearing in then unscew the holding plate that holds the bearing remember which way the holding plate goes when taking off... then remove the hub and the rotor comes with it ... then the screws going around the hub on the out side remove theses and the rotor comes off .. but i also suggest repacking the wheel bearings and replacing brake pads pads with the new rotors ...

How do you Replace brake rotors 1997 Mitsubishi montero sport?

Remove the tire and wheel from your 1997 Mitsubishi Montero. Remove the brake shoe assembly. Tap on the rotors to loosen them. The rotors will slide off. Reverse the process to install your new rotors.

How do you remove front rotors on a 2004 Nissan altima?

break them into pieces after drilling them and just slide them off.

How do you change the back rotors on a 2002 Hyundai Sonata?

Same way as the front. First remove the calipers, then remove the two cross-point screws that hold the caliper in place . finally, remove the rotors and replace.