How do you remove front rotors on a 2002 Chevy Tracker?

To remove front rotors: 2002-ZR-2/ 4WD 1. Do one side at a time and lay parts aside in order of removal for ref. Use safety blocks. 2. Remove lug nut plastic covers,brake lug nuts loose. Raise side to be worked on and remove tire. 3. Remove two small bolts on back of calipers, pull ass'bly up and tie with cord to prevent dropping and damageing. 4. To remove torque plate (which hold calipers) two large bolts are torqued quite tight and will take some effort to loosen.They are located just below the two small ones in step-3.Turn wheel to inside to expose better. 5. Rotor should be free of brake ass'bly now. 6. Pry dust cover off center hub to expose six bolts holding outer hub.Remove the six bolts and tap hub off. 7. Remove the 4-phillip head screws and note their position to the back mounting plate of axle locking plate. 8. Note tightness of axle nut plate via spinning wheel. Remove nut plate to pull rotor off axle. 9. Installation: Use proper torque specs exspecially on large torque plate bolts when re-installing. 10.Note: Depress the caliper piston into its bore before installing over rotor. Now, with all that said. Rotors can be measured and turned while on Tracker.Check before doing all above if this is your situation.