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How do you remove glass from the bottom of an inground swimming pool?


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Call a local pool store and ask what they recommend in lieu of draining the pool.

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Remove the bottom lid.take the mechanism out.then press the glass from inside.

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remove door handles x2 ,crank and lever (2 screws each) remove cards remove the bolts 10mm seen on door connected to regulator. remove regulate remove glass from reg. rev, for back (use caulk to hold glass in reg bottom)

You call a professional if it is a windshield or glued perimeter part and if it is a door glass you can locate and remove the screws that hold the panel on and then pry the panel from the door frame and then clear the glass in the rubber tracks on the sides with a screwdriver or remove and clear and re-install the side/top track rubbers then remove either the track at the bottom of the glass and clean it and use urethane glue to push the new glass into or (mattering upon the year and model) remove the tabs that attach the glass to the regulator/track that were from the old broken glass then install the new glass which should have the tabs on there. vacuum door inside's bottom and slam to loosen glass to fall and vacuum again and your done. -awautoglass.com

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It depends on how high you dropped the glass jar into the swimming pool. If you drop the glass jar from a few feet above the swimming pool, it will not break. If you drop it from several stories above the swimming pool, the immense pressure on the glass jar that the water is exerting will cause the jar to break.

Go to the following website. It will show how to remove the side mirror. kwmuth.com The above website has installation instructions for signal mirrors, complete with pictures and step-by-step instructions. Briefly, however, the mirror glass is held to the motor plate by four plastic tabs. To remove the mirror glass, push on the bottom of the glass to move the bottom into the mirror housing and allow the top of the glass to clear the housing. Slip your fingers under the bottom of the glass and pull upward to snap the glass off of the tabs. To install the new mirror glass, align the slots on the back of the new glass with the tabs on the motor plate. Push downward until the glass snaps into place.

Have you considered measuring exactly where it is to go then manufacture it from fibre glass outside the pool install the plumbing into it and drop it into place. that way you can easily remove when you wish and make repairs when needed.

If it has etched the glass,there is no way to remove it.

: I found a way to fix the Door.. Raise the door and swing the Bottom edge over the track edge and into the room. With the door removed set it horzontal with the Bottom of the Door supported on the edges. You will remove the Bottom of the Door frame by first removing the two Long screws that attach the Bottom to the Two sides of the door. Do not remove the sides from the Glass, Just Loosen and remove the Long Screws. : On one side the Long Philips head screw is Obvious; On the other side it is Hidden in a Hole that may have a Rubber bumper plug. Wiggle the Bottom frame up and down to Loosen it from the rubber gasket along the Bottom of the Glass. : Once you get the Bottom Off the Door you will find at each end a Pair of Rollers in a Cartridge inside the Door frame. There is a single fastening Screw holding the Cartridge in the Bottom frame. Remove the Fastening screws and slide the roller cartridge out. : I found replacement Cartridges at the local BIG Box Hardware store.

hi thereprise the mirror glass out and remove the outer casing and also remove the backing, there are 2 small screws at the bottom of the mirror remove them and replace the lens, dont worrie about which way you connect the mirror glass electrics as it is a curcuit,good luck

Remove the door panel of your Mercedes-Benz. Remove the window glass retaining clips. Remove the window glass. Reverse the process to install your new window glass.

You must remove door panel, then remove anything securing the glass to the window regulator & remove glass. Use vacuum cleaner to remove broken glass pieces from inside of door and car. Carefully install new glass, then reassemble door panel.

The shape of a Pilsner glass is that of an hourglass but with the top and bottom uneven in size. This shape is also referred to as a wheat glass as it traps the yeast in the bottom of the glass while the individual is drinking it.

Copper-bottom pots work just fine on a glass-top stove.

Unless the glass is broken then there is no reason to remove it. If you have a problem it is possibly the motor or regulator.

Lower the glass, open the door, pull off the arm rest, pull the door panel, remove insulation , remove the inner glass stabilizers, front door-remove the guide slide, support the btm. Of glass, remove the 2 mounting bolts holding glass to the regulator. Tilt glass up and out of door, remove the regulator-door bolts, disconnect the electric wiring connector, remove the regulator thru the door opening.

Remove outer door skin(if you need directions for this try your local library for a service manual)lower window glass remove glass nuts with toolSA9148B push glass up and rotate slightly remove door glass reverse procedure to install glass

You will have to remove the screws, with an impact. They do remove, but be careful not to break the glass. The only thing keeping the nut from turning is the glass. The screws have threadlocker on them.

To remove glass from skin, first but pressure on the skin near the shards. Then use tweezers to take the glass shards out, and clean the open wounds.

The Earth's gravitational force pulls the marble to the bottom of the glass. It is the same force that keeps our feet firmly on the ground.

You have to remove the entire headlight assembly. Glass cover clips on with plastic clips. Remove and install CAREFULLY as glass breaks easily.

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