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I recommend first trying to buff it out with a power buffer, but if that doesn't work there is another option. There is a paint cleaner made by the same company that makes "Goo Gone" it is called "Goof Off" (Seriously)(Sold in any major hardware store) It is a paint STRIPPER, so be very careful not to spill any where you do not intend to. What you will want to do is find the softest, cleanest rag you can find, and apply SMALL amounts of "Goof Off" to the rag, and buff the undesired paint out with small circles. Be cautioned tho because too much "Goof Off" and over-zealous buffing WILL take the factory paint right off of your car. In between your factory paint and your "Pole Paint" there are several layers of Clear coat finish applied to your paint job, this is what gives the paint it's glossy can usually get away with removing a layer or two of the clear coat without too much noticeability, but even then you can mask any small problem areas with buffing wax. I hope this helps you out, I have had three cars spray painted in my driveway by little punks in my neighborhood, (not all of them owned by me) and used "Goof Off" to remove it and it worked fine. Just take your time...patience is the key, and don't use too much or you may be even more upset with the end results.

What worked best for me was a "Mr Clean" sponge and a lot of elbow grease. I successfully removed a very large area (approximately 2 ft x 1 ft) of red paint from my white vehicle using nothing more than the two ingredients listed above. I backed into one of the large red posts seen in front of many Target stores, no dents thankfully, but plenty of red paint was taken home. The "Mr Clean" sponge took it right off, leaving the paint underneath only slightly more dull than the unaffected areas surrounding it. That can easily be remedied with a good wash and wax. Hope this helps...

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Q: How do you remove paint from your car exterior due to a painted pole that you hit or swiped?
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