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You can't. Although they flex, they are considered to be one piece.

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Q: How do you remove pins on door hinges?
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How do you remove front door?

remove the pins from the hinges there is probrably a clip on the bottom of the pin

How do you remove the door from 1991 Chevy Blazer?

Remove the inner kick panel. Disconnect the wiring harness. Drive the pins out of the hinges - remove door.

How do you remove door from a 1974 nova?

You have to drive the pins out after removing the retainer clips. The hinges are welded to the door and to the body.

How do you replace door hinge pins on a Chevy cavalier?

Open your doors, you may need to remove your fenders .Then find the nuts for the hinges, remove the nuts while supporting the door. Be careful of your door. Remove the hinges from the frame, replace, follow through in reverse.

How can you stop the door from sagging on a 1998 Chevrolet 1500?

You will have to replace the door hinges are pins.

How do you remove door hinge on mk4 fiesta?

Only the hinge pins can be replaced without major bodywork as the hinges are welded to the doors and the frame.

How do you remove a door from your house?

Unscrew the hinges..?

How do you remove the door on a 1998 ford explorer?

disconnect wiring harness, mark hinges, remove bolts securing hinges to body.

Why doesn't the door on my 1990 gmc pickup shut all the way and how do i fix it w little to no money?

There is a good chance the door hinges are worn and the door dropped down a bit. Your local auto parts store can supply you with a rebuild kit for your hinges. It comes with new pins and bushings. The kit is inexpensive. You will need to remove the door to install the bushings.

How would you remove and replace a rear passenger door on a 1997 Chevy Suburban K1500?

the door hinges are welded so you have to use a small hammer and small punch to tap out the pins that look like big nails.

How do you remove a Nissan 240sx door?

Open the door, pull the pin from the stopper between the two hinges and undo the four bolts on the hinges, thats it

How can you remove the gas cover covering the gas cap when you want to remove it to bring it in for color matching?

the hinges should have pins remove um and its off

99 cavalier automatic and it seems like your driver side door is dropped a bit you has to lift up the door a bit to get it to close you checked the pins which are still intacted whats wrong?

Check the pins closer. Where the pins go through the hinges they are known to wear thinner. Also check the hinge bolts to make sure that the hinges aren't moving.

How can you remove door off a Jeep Wrangler?

Open the door, removed the limiting strap on the inside that prevents the door from opening too far. Remove the nuts on the bottom of both hinges of the door. Then the door can be lifted off the hinges. Note that its surprisingly heavy, about 50 pounds as I recall.

Are cabinet hinges the same as door hinges?

No door hinges and cabinet hinges are two different things. Door hinges are generally much larger than cabinet hinges. Cabinet hinges and door hinges are not at all the same. They are different sizes and can withstand different amounts of weight.

How do you replace door hinge bushings on a 1993 Nissan Sentra?

Have to remove the door, then remove pins and bushings

How do you change door hinge bushings on 2000 silverado?

go to any auto store and buy new pins and bushings. open door, cut off pins. knock out the pins that are left after cutting. intall new bushings, then new pins,most times this can be accomplished with out removing hinges

How do you open a door that does not open from inside or out?

One way is to remove it from its hinges or mounting.

How do you remove the door panel on a 1964 Ford Thunderbird?

u have to grind the hinges

How are magnets used in door hinges?

Door hinges are magnet

How do you adjust the doors hinges on 1989 s10 blazer 4x2?

Because the hinges are welded in place, replacing the hinge pins and bushings should restore the door back to original position.

How do you replace door hinge pins on a 89 f150?

The old door hinge pins have to be cut out with a torch on a 1989 F-150. Then, new hinge pins can be welded into place. This part might be available at an automotive salvage yard for a fraction of the cost of new hinges.

How do you Replace door threshold gasket?

To replace a door threshold gasket you have to place a pair of sawhorses outside and make sure they are set up so that the door can be laid flat on top of them. Take a screwdriver and insert it into the bottom of the pin on one of the hinges. Use your hammer to pound on the top of the screwdriver to force the hinge pin upwards and out of the hinge. Repeat this process for the rest of the hinges. It is important to keep the door closed while removing the hinge pins so that the door or floor is not damaged. Open the door slowly and pick and slide it over the side to remove it from the hinges. Set the door on the sawhorses. Inspect the threshold seal on the bottom of the door. Remove the strip by removing the screws on the bottom of the door and sliding the threshold seal out of the channel that holds it. Slide the new threshold seal into the channel and re-insert the screws to lock it into position. Remove the door from the sawhorses and take it back into the house. Set the door back onto the hinges, inserting it in the closed position. Re-insert the door hinge pins using a hammer to pound them all the way back into place. Open and close the door to see how the seal affects the operation of the door.

How do you fix a door that drags on the floor?

Remove the door from it's hinges and sand/file down the part that is dragging.

How do you replace a 05 Ford Taurus door?

You remove the wire cluster then unbolt the hinges from the frame, leaving them on the door.