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You can't. Although they flex, they are considered to be one piece.

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Q: How do you remove pins on door hinges?
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How do you remove front door?

remove the pins from the hinges there is probrably a clip on the bottom of the pin

How do you remove door from a 1974 nova?

You have to drive the pins out after removing the retainer clips. The hinges are welded to the door and to the body.

How do you remove the door from 1991 Chevy Blazer?

Remove the inner kick panel. Disconnect the wiring harness. Drive the pins out of the hinges - remove door.

How do you replace door hinge pins on a Chevy cavalier?

Open your doors, you may need to remove your fenders .Then find the nuts for the hinges, remove the nuts while supporting the door. Be careful of your door. Remove the hinges from the frame, replace, follow through in reverse.

How can you stop the door from sagging on a 1998 Chevrolet 1500?

You will have to replace the door hinges are pins.

How do you remove door hinge on mk4 fiesta?

Only the hinge pins can be replaced without major bodywork as the hinges are welded to the doors and the frame.

How do you remove a door from your house?

Unscrew the hinges..?

When designing an equipment room?

Server room doors should be designed to open towards the inside of the room so that the door hinges aren't exposed while the door is in the closed position. If the hinges were accessible from the outside an intruder could merely remove the pins to release the hinge plates and thus remove the "locked" door

How do you remove the door on a 1998 ford explorer?

disconnect wiring harness, mark hinges, remove bolts securing hinges to body.

How do you remove a Nissan 240sx door?

Open the door, pull the pin from the stopper between the two hinges and undo the four bolts on the hinges, thats it

How would you remove and replace a rear passenger door on a 1997 Chevy Suburban K1500?

the door hinges are welded so you have to use a small hammer and small punch to tap out the pins that look like big nails.

Why doesn't the door on my 1990 gmc pickup shut all the way and how do i fix it w little to no money?

There is a good chance the door hinges are worn and the door dropped down a bit. Your local auto parts store can supply you with a rebuild kit for your hinges. It comes with new pins and bushings. The kit is inexpensive. You will need to remove the door to install the bushings.

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