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Walmart also sells the tool for removal for 'bout $3. I bought a single CD player to replace the changer from Crutchfield and they supplied the tool as part of the package. My CD changer failed due to one of the black plastic trays that holds the CD.

You just need a DIN tool for factory stereo removal. I know Best Buy sells them, also Crutchfield sells them. They should only be several dollars. Once you have them, you'll just put them into the those little squarish holes on the right and left side of the stereo. Since the tools are U-shaped, one point goes into each hole. Then, you should feel a little spring-resistance and when the points are as far as you can push without too much effort, you pull them outwards (towards the left and right) and then pull the stereo out. On the back of the stereo you'll find the wiring harness and antenna wire. Pull those, and you're all set.

Also, don't forget to turn off your car and since power still goes into the stereo while the car is off, so take proper precautions to prevent shocking yourself or damaging the unit.

instead of buying a tool, all I had to do was take my car to a local Ford dealer and they pulled it out right there for me

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Q: How do you remove the 6 disc CD changer in a 2002 Ford Focus?
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