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This is a BIG job. I suggest taking it to the garage.

Boy, but I, too, would sure like an answer. My '95 Suburban blows COLD air, but doesn't blow much. I'd just like to get to the damn thing so I can see what's happening. Are those leaves that fall from out cottonwood tree blocking the intake? ... or are other debris or papers blocking the thing. I'm tired of heat, but I can't add another $700 (that's what one a/c guy wants to replace the evaporator). I've already paid two Dealers around $1400 each related to a/c problems and each maintains that they've done what was needed. I ultimately stopped payment on the first Dealer when the a/c went out about a half-hour after I'd left their Orlando-area shop on our way back to Charlotte!!!

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Q: How do you remove the AC evaporator from a 1995 Chevy Silverado?
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