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The mirror bracket is generally held onto the 'button' with a very small Allen screw. Look for this and loosen it.

-Get Loctite Auto Mirror Adhesive at any auto parts store to re-stick the button.

2012-09-19 05:33:32
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How do you remove the button on the inside rearview mirror of a 1998 Chevrolet lumina so that you can glue the button back onto the windshield and then attach the mirror?

Remove the mirror and use a heat gun to remove the button. Caution: There is always the possibility that the windshield will crack.

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How do you remove the button on the inside rearview mirror of a 1997 Buick Lesabre so that you can glue the button back onto the windshield and then attach the mirror?

I just finished replacing a mirror on a 1999 lesabre and they are probably the same. The button is held in place by a spring steel clip that is visable at the square end of the button. It looks like the button and clip are made together but they aren't you place a small pocket screw driver in the center slot of the clip and pry up and out at the same time on the bottom of the button and the button will come out. ...

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