How do you remove the dash on a 2000 Chevy Impala to install a new stereo? I would sugest to visit the FCSR site at, and you will find there instruction for any car Radio/dashboard removal, with nice pictures just for 6 dolars. Very Recomended.

Open both front doors, remove the fuse panel/relay cover panel at top by pulling straight off. There is a screw at the top which holds part of the dash panel, remove screw, do the same on the other side. Remove two screws at the center of drivers side of dash at top which screws in to the top of the dashboard. Remove small lower dash panel around steering column, it has two screws.You will have to unplug four electrical connectors, Two are on lower panel for floor light and trunk release. Two are on main dash panel, one for Traction control and one for hazard light. Start to pry from drivers side, the dash panel, it has snap clips and work across to pass. side. sash panel will lift off. This will leave acsess to radio.