How do you remove the door panel on the driver's side of a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am to fix the power window?

first pop off the panel that has all your power windows and locks on it. behind it you will find a Phillips head screw. take that out. also remove all the wires going to the switch panel. there are 3 all together (if you have power locks windows and mirros) and there all pretty easy to get off. next take the screw off behind the door handle. this is also a Phillips head, but its smaller. ok if you see your "oh sh*t" handle there is a hole that goes into it towards the bottom of the handle. its the same type of screw that was behind the electric panel. Last thing to do is take a small flathead, and pop out the reflector at the end of the panel. be careful with this, as its very easy to break. the last screw is behind that, and its the same size as the other 2. Now, if you run your hand under the bottom of the panel, you'll feel a notch cut out of it. grab it, and give the panel a good yank. it should come off. if not try to be sure you have all the screws out, and find where the pressure is stopping, and you may have missed one of the steps above. When you put it back on do so carefully. Be sure to line the white plastic tabs up with there holes, other wise they will break and the panel might rattle. once you get them all lined up, hit the panel all around the clips a couple of times. then put the screws and electric in and your good to go.

Good Luck !!

National Auto Part