How do you remove the door panel to get to the door handle on a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

I have a 99 eclipse and I just took off the interior door panel to gain access to the exterior door handle. Anyway, after you remove the two screws holding the panel on,(the one under the handle you pull to open the door and the one down in the handle to pull the door shut) note to get to the second screw you must remove the little square plastic piece with a screw driver. Next you have to take off the black plastic piece that is around the door handle and lock. To do this you need to pry it up in the front with a screwdriver or something and push forward from the back of the piece. There isn't much holding it in place, just two little lips of plastic. after that there should only be what I think they call pop rivets holding it in place,just work your way around the paneling with a flat head screwdriver or a putty nife and jently pry it loose. I don't think there were any other screws to take out.