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The question you ask is too involved for a proper answer. You may want to go to a car parts store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 Or, go to a Public Library.

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Q: How do you remove the front and rear door panel and the dash panel in order to install new speakers?
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How do I install speakers in the back of my car or do I need to install them in the front first?

That really depends on the kind of car you have, but you should be able to go in through the rear armrests and plug the rear speakers into the old front speakers. Most people have speakers in both the front and back of their cars. The order of installation is not important, just have it done the most convenient way for you. You could even omit the front speakers entirely if you wished. Electronically it does not matter.

How do you install 2004 Acura tsx front bumper to a 2004 Acura tsx?

You remove the clips on the top, screws by the fenders, remove foglights if equiped and remove the bumper, install the new one in the opposite order.

How do you change Front Shocks on a 2001 Chevy S10 pickup?

Lift the front of the vehicle up and support it with jack stands under the lower a-frames. Remove front wheels. Unbolt front shocks and remove them. Reverse order to install.

How do you install front wheel bearings on 2001 Oldsmobile silhouette?

Remove tire, install spare which has an open center hole allowing access to axle nut, remove axle nut (33mm socket), remove spare, remove caliper, remove rotor, remove hub/bearing assembly, install new hub/bearing assembly, and so on in reverse order.

Remove door speakers on 1992 Bonneville?

you have to remove the whole door panel in order to gain access to the factory speakers in which should be 4x6.

How do you remove rear speakers in a 1997 ford Taurus?

In order to remove the screws that secure the rear speakers, you need a 7/32" socket and socket wrench. The wiring harness I have yet to figure out how to remove from the backs of the speakers lol.

How do you remove front door speakers of 1999 eclipse?

You have to remove the door panel. After you will see the speaker which sits in 4 screws. Remove the screws disconnect the speaker and in the reverse order for your new speaker. Keep in mind, whatever new speakers you get, the stock amp on this vehicle has a low pass filter to the door speakers (and a high pass filter to the dash) so they won't deliver any highs.

How do you you replace fog lights on 2004 Subaru Forester?

Front Fog Light AssemblyREMOVAL # Disconnect the ground cable from battery. * Remove the two clips and lower mudguard. * Disconnect the harness connector. Remove the lower bolts. # Remove the mounting bolts and clip, and then detach the fog light assembly. INSTALLATIONInstall in the reverse order of removal. Front Fog Light BulbREMOVAL # Remove the front fog light assembly. Remove the back cover. # Remove the spring retainer, and then detach the fog light bulb. INSTALLATIONInstall in the reverse order of removal.

How do you replace the rear speakers in a 2004 kia spectra?

In order to replace the speakers you have to flip down the rear seats and look at the screw ports and remove all the screws to remove the panel covering the speakers. The rest is self explanatory.

How do you repace front abs sensors on 1996 blazer s10?

Remove the wheel, remove the brake caliper, remove the brake rotor, disconnect wheel speed sensor from harness. remove the bearing hub, remove the wheel speed sensor from the bearing hub. Reverse order for install.

How to remove the front strut on a Honda accord without removing the tire?

You must remove the wheel/tire in order to remove the front strut.

What size speakers fit the 2003 Hyundai elantra?

6 1/2 inch for the front doors and 6x9 for the rear deck. You HAVE to remove the back decklid in order for the speakers to come out. They are dropped in from the top. You can also go to to get the specs for your car and the wiring codes.

How do you find and install coil pack on a 1998 Lincoln Town car?

There are 2 coil packs, one on each side of the engine toward the front. Look for the spark plug wires and what they plug into at the front of the engine is the coil pack. Remove wires making note of which goes where; remove wire harness; remove screws holding old pack in place. Reverse order of removal to install new pack.

How do you replace rotors on 2002 s10 4x4?

Jack up and safely support front of vehicle. Remove front wheels. Remove front brake calipers and hang them with wire so not to damage brake hoses. Remove brake caliper brackets. Remove brake rotors. Rotors may need a little persuasion with a large hammer as they may be stuck/rusted in place. Reverse order to install rotors.

Tips on How to Install Speakers In Your Car?

If you want to complement your new car stereo with speakers that deliver excellent sound quality, then now is probably a good time to learn how to install those speakers. Having your car speakers installed by a professional can cost you money, but learning how to install speakers yourself can help save you money on those installation costs. In most cases, you can go on to add more custom items to your car’s sound system with the money you’ve saved. Of course, you will need the proper tools in order to successfully install speakers. These include a variety of screwdrivers, including Phillips head and flat blade screwdrivers, a Torx driver with plenty of bits, a drill, Allen wrenches, wire cutters, electrical tape and a crimping tool. Most of these tools can make it much easier for you to install your new speakers. Each car presents it’s own challenge in regards to installation. This is because many vehicles have different methods of mounting and securing speakers. Some speakers are able to fit into the factory speaker openings and use the factory grill and brackets, while other speakers need minor modifications, such as new holes being made for screws or a small amount of metal or cardboard being cut away in order for the new speakers to fit properly. Speakers located in the dash are relatively simple to replace. All that is needed is to remove the grilles, which in most cases are held down by tabs, friction fittings or screws. If you need to remove screws, an offset screwdriver can aid you in doing so without risking damage to the windshield, especially if the screw is located close to it. Replacing door speakers can be an easy task in some cars, as all that is needed is a flat blade screwdriver to remove the grille. In many cars, the speakers are retained by brackets or screws. All that is needed is a Phillips head screwdriver in order to remove the speakers from their mounts.

How do you install rear speakers in 1998 Nissan Maxima?

You are going to be shocked, but you actually have to remove the ENTIRE back seat in order to get to the rear speakers. Try to use the Nissan speaker adapters plugs so you don't need to cut wires and mess up the electric system, you can get those from eBay or amazon.

How to change headlight on 1989 Lincoln Town car?

Open hood and remove nut(s) holding plastic siliver light frame then unscrew and remove light(s) from outside front of vehical. Install in revers order.

How do you access the dash speakers in a 1992 grand prix se?

In order to remove the speakers, you must remove the "Dash Pad". It's held in place with clips and a couple screws. Start by pushing up in the center of the dash pad. Then remove the screws.

What is the speakers job in the house of commons?

the speakers is job is to make the final decision He or she is also responsible for maintaining order during debates. He/she calls members to order and/or ends disruptions by repeating "Order! Order!" He or she can also remove members who are continually disruptive.

Tell how to change a front wheel bearing on a 1995 Plymouth Neon?

remove wheelremove cv shaft nutremove brake caliper and rotorremove bolts retaining bearing to spindleknock hub bearing out of spindle with big hammerreverse order to install new hub bearing

Hook up a starter for a 94 Lincoln mark viii?

Disconnect battery, jack up passenger side of car in the front, look under the engine on passenger side, remove the bolts, disconnect the wiring and remove. Install in the reverse order.

How do you change the battery in a 1997 Chrysler Sebring Convertible?

Jack the front up, take off the drivers side wheel/tire, remove the plastic wheel house liner 6 screws (you will see), remove negative terminal, remove positive terminal, remove bracket that holds battery, reverse order to install.

How do you change shocks on a 1995 roadmaster?

raise front end of car- use jackstands if lift is not availble. remove two bolts securing lower part of front shock to the lower control arm . remove nut securing the top of the shock to the frame. remove shock through hole in lower control arm. install new shock in reverse order.

Is there a turntable that I can install into the front of my car?

You would have to have the room capabilities in order to fit a turntable in your car.

How do you take the batery out a Lincoln mark8?

Remove the cables, unscrew the hold down rods, remove the front bolt of the brace and loosen the rear one and swing it out of the way, pull up the battery and out of the car it well come. Install the new battery in reverse order.