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If you are replacing the pads or rotor on a 1987-1990 here are my thoughts:

  • Tools needed- 17mm hex socket, Large Clamp, flathead screwdriver, small wood block, rubber mallet. (Note; some calipers may have standard heads)


  • Remove brake reservoir cover and tire(s) then remove caliper using 17mm socket counter clockwise (you may need to tap socket to seat properly. Back out screws- on the drivers side caliper tap or use leverage bar from the top of caliper and push toward rear of Jeep- this will Free the caliper from the top and then it release the bottom of caliper form the support. Use a hanger or something to suspend caliper from frame (careful not to damage brake lines). This procedure is then reversed for the passenger side caliper.


  • Removing Worn Pads: There are two metal clamps on top and bottom of pads. Take the screw driver and carefully lift the clamp ends/tips so they rest on the support (note clamps do not have to be removed, unless damaged)- Now remove pads (this is a good time to inspect disc and clean area and apply a small amount of Lithium grease on support where caliper ends sit (this will allow pads to slide easier). Now take your C-clamp and wood block to reset or push back caliper piston. Place wooden block on the inside of caliper (where the pads sit), then place C-clamp between wood and outside of caliper (make sure reservoir cover is off) and slowly twist clamp until piston is completely pushed in.

Step 3: Installing New Pads: Install is reverse of removal- Smaller pad rests on the inside or engine side of support. (Note: you may want to add brake silencer grease to the metal part of pads to reduce squeaks, etc). Once pads are rested, take screw driver to replace metal clamp end/tips- these hold pads in place.

Step 4: Reinstalling Caliper: Reverse of removal (driver's side: rest bottom of caliper on support, then swing top caliper in place. Tighten hex screws.- remember passenger side is reversed).

Step 5: Check Brake reservoir for correct fluid level- add DOT3 fluid if necessary. Replace cap-

Step 6: Install tires and start Jeep- Pump brakes- if peddle feel is soft or drops you need to bleed your breaks.

Option#1: Bleeding Brakes: It's best to removes tires for easier access- Two ways to precede (1) Buy a brake bleeder kit or (2) Do this manually with another person. - Manual instructions: Bleed Passenger side first: Tools needs 7/8" socket: Now- open bleeder valve w/ socket w/ a half turn (fluid should come out- Have one person slowly push the brake peddle to floor and have them hold that position until valve is tightened- do this 3 times to get all the air out. Use same procedure on driver's side and now you are done!

Option #2: Rotor disc removal: If your discs need replacement follow steps 1 & 2- Once old pads are removed the disc should simple pull off with little effort- Installation is reverse of removal.


remove the tire, carefully push the capilar in with a screwdriver. on the back of the brack claw are 3 bolds: the upper and lower are size 13, the middle with the brake hose atached to it is size 14. to remove the claw unbold the size 13 bolds, pull them out and remove the claw by lifting and pulling back. once the claw is out you can remove/install new pads. if you need to remove the claw to rebuild or replace, you need to unbold the middle size 14 bold. when re-installing you should used 2 new copper whashers.once the claw is removed you can also remove the disk simply by pulling it of the hub.

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Q: How do you remove the front brakes on a Jeep Wrangler?
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