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The question you ask is too involved for a proper answer. You may want to go to a car parts store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 Or, go to a Public Library.

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Q: How do you remove the headliner on a 2000 Expedtion with a sunroof?
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How do you remove headliner for 2000 vw beetle?

The 2000 VW Beetle headliner is held in place by a retaining strap. The retaining strap encircles the entire roof. The retaining strap has approximately 20 screws holding it in place. Remove the retaining screws and the headliner will come free.

How do you remove the headliner in a 2000 beetle?

Full instructions and with pictures available at

How do you manually close the sunroof in a 2000 Honda Civic EX?

There is a small plastic circle piece in the headliner, behind the overhead lamp. you simply unscrew and pop it out and it exposes an Allen wrench override.

How do you access the antenna on a 2000 VW Beetle?

Pull the headliner and access in the middle of the car behind the sunroof. Or if you want just the antenna, not the cable-to-the-antenna, stand outside the car and unscrew it. very carefully

What is code p1406 for a 2000 Ford Expedition?

code p1406 ford expedtion

Sunroof drains 2000 Camry?

A common problem with the 2000 Toyota Camry is sunroof drain clogs and leaks. These can be repaired through the dealership.

How do you take the headliner off of a 2000 Eddie Bauer expedition?

Ford Explorer headliner replacement instructions check related link below.

How many horsepower does the 2000 ford expedtion 5.4 ltr. have?

260 horsepower

Where is the sunroof drain located on a Subaru Outback Impreza 2000 in order to unclog it with compressed air?

Remove the celling apolstry and going down the right and left front windshield supports are a set of clear drainage hoses for the sunroof.

A headliner for a 2000 Saturn where do you find one?

check an upholstery shop for sources...

2000 cavalier sunroof opens but does not close all the way Motor stops when the window is still open about an inch It's open more on one side than the other don't have money to fix. doit youself tips?

The control arm that goes from the motor to the sunroof may have slipped, and is now out of time. You will need to remove any trim or headliner parts to gain access to the motor then move the arm to the proper position on the motor and re tighten the bolts to keep everything properly timed.

How can you close a stuck open sunroof on a 2000 Chevrolet Impala LS?

First, find the motor for the sunroof. There will be a manual override on or around the motor that you can turn to close the stuck sunroof.

Why wont my 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo Sunroof won't close?

2001 monte sunroof will not close completely , where is the problem and how can i fix it.

Why is 2000 expedtion stalling in gear?

Auto Zone will check your computer codes for FREE.. It maybe a Bad Coil Pack.

Sunroof Problems on a 2000 ford Lincoln ls?

What number is the ascertain relay

How do you change the fuse for the sunroof in a 2000 maxima gle?

They just plug in and pull straight out.

What is the best spark plug for your 5.4L 2000 expedtion?

motorcraft sp479 or autolite 103 champion 7963 or 9204 ngk tr55ix or itr5f-13

Where is the rear speaker location in a 2000 Isuzu Rodeo ls?

Its in the headliner above the rear door. The cover on it pops right off.

What is the fuse layout for a 2000 Mercury Cougar; don't have an owners manual need to know which fuse is linked to sunroof?

I have a 2000 Cougar V6, and my sunroof broke at approx. 35K miles and again at approx. 100K miles. On mine, it was the track itself that broke. The 99 and 00 Cougars are known to have sunroof problems. Check out Hey i have a 2000 cougar and did some research on it. It seems that 2000 cougars have problems with there sunroof motors. mine also wasnt working i took out the motor and cleaned the scrubbers. works fine since. also will save you about $2000.00 having it replaced by dealer. HEY MAN I HAVE A 2000 COUGAR MYSELF AND I LOOKED ON MY MANUEL AND NOTHING TO THE SUNROOF. For future reference, you can download a pdf owner's manual from Ford here:

Where is the motor to the sunroof in a 2000 mercury cougar located?

under the head liner you will have to pull it down to get the motor

How do you fix a broken 2000 jeep Cherokee sunroof. the switch makes a sound when i push the button but the sunrooof is permanetly open?

indicates the motor that opens and closes the sunroof is burnt out. You have to change that motor.

Where is the 3 spark plug located on a 2000 ford expedtion?

Standing in front of the truck, Passengerside, 3 back: 4 8 3 7 26 15

How do you remove stereo from 2000 Nissan Pathfinder?

How do you remove stereo from 2000 nissan pathfinder?

In a 2000 dodge neon how do you get the sunroof motor to work?

have u checked the fuse's or the switch? also make sure that it is on track.

How do you remove steering wheel Chevy lumina 2000?

How to remove steering wheel on Chevy lumina 2000