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How do you remove the hydraulic clutch cable from the transmission on a 93 Ford Ranger 5 speed trans?


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2015-07-15 19:41:08
2015-07-15 19:41:08

The hydraulic clutch slave cylinder is located on the mainshaft of the trans. You must remove the trans to get to it


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Remove the exaust pipes. Remove the transmission. It is located inside the bell housing section of the transmission.

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5-SPD: To remove the clutch you first have to disconnect the hydraulic line that feeds the slave cylinder the hydraulic fluid. for that a special tool is required to push and pulll on the fitting. the tool costs about $10 ive used a bbq fork before its up to you. Once that is done, you remove drivelines, unplug all electrical connectors, remove the shifter from the top of transmission, put a jack under transmission, remove crossmember, unbolt the bellhousing from engine and pull out the transmission. 4SPD: To remove the hydraulic slave cylinder you do not need to remove the transmission, it is sitting on the outside of the transmission on the driver side of it. to replace the slave you simply disconnect it and unbolt it.

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You will need to remove Transmission, And you will see it in the bellhouseing. 4 bolts hold it in place.

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If the line is connected directly, without a banjo, or flare fitting, then you will have to loosen the line, unbolt the slave cylinder, and twist the slave cylinder to unscrew the line.

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You should see a white sleeve around the fitting that is at the transmission. Slide this sleeve toward the transmission while pulling on the line.

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