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How do you remove a hydraulic clutch line from a transmission in a 1989 Ford Ranger XLT with a 5-speed standard transmission?


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2015-07-15 19:24:58
2015-07-15 19:24:58

If the line is connected directly, without a banjo, or flare fitting, then you will have to loosen the line, unbolt the slave cylinder, and twist the slave cylinder to unscrew the line.


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You will need the Ford Hydraulic Clutch Quick Disconnect Tool.

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Not in the transmission , but the hydraulic clutch on a Ford Ranger uses DOT 3 brake fluid

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The slave cylinder for a hydraulic clutch on a Ford Ranger is inside the manual transmission bellhousing

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Sounds like you have clutch issues, check the hydraulic clutch fluid level, if it is low you have a leak.

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