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On all A-Body, G-Body, B-Body (& some F-Body and X-Body) GM Cars from 1969 through 1996 (or-so) this is the procedure for removing the lock cylinder from the steering column. IF YOU HAVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE, TAKE YOUR TIME AND CONCENTRATE ON WHERE EVERYTHING GOES. LAY YOUR PARTS OUT IN THE ORDER YOU REMOVED THEM AND IF NECESSARY, INVITE YOUR DIGITAL CAMERA TO THE PARTY. CAUTION!!!! Before doing this procedure, disconnect the battery, ESPECIALLY if your vehicle has an airbag. Step 1. Remove horn cover or airbag from wheel. Step 2. Remove the horn contact by pushing it in gently and twisting counter clockwise 1/8 turn. Step 3. Remove clip from center shaft with lock-ring pliers Step 4. Remove center bolt from shaft. Step 5. Use steering wheel puller to remove wheel. Step 6. Remove dust cap from lock plate. Step 7. Use lock plate remover to depress lock plate. Step 8. Use a pick to remove hog ring from center shaft. Step 9. Release lock plate remover and remove it and the lock plate. Step 10. Remove set screw from hazard warning switch from the outside of the column. (if equipped) Step 11. Remove the screw and turn signal lever retainer plate from the left side of the turn signal switch. Step 12. Remove three inset screws that hold the turn signal switch in place. Step 13. Gently pull turn signal switch out of the column a push off to the side. Step 14. Use needle nose pliers to gently remove the small contact clip that mounts just above the lock cylinder. Step 15. Use the appropriate screw driver (they used several different screws overs the years) to remove the lock cylinder retaining screw. Step 16. Slide the lock cylinder out of the column. Reverse this process for reinstallation. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO DRILL THE LOCK CYLINDER ON GM CARS.

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Q: How do you remove the ignition cylinder of a 1989 Caprice Classic 305 without the original key?
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