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How do you remove the inside door panel from a 1993 Honda Accord SE when the window is dislodged?

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2009-08-12 05:58:24

This might help on a '93. I just had to change out the motor

assembly on my 91 Accord. There is a tab (square) in the door

handle. Pop that off, then take that screw out. Then there are

several fasteners around the outside of the door panel. You have to

get your fingers or a screw driver under the panel and feel for the

fasteners, then pull them out. Once you have them out, there is

another tab (round) in the door latch assembly. Pull that off with

a small screwdriver and take out that screw. Then you have to

disconnect the wire that connects the door latch to the latch.

There is a plastic coupler on there. YOu have to slide it off of

the wire and then the wire will come off. The door panel fits in a

groove along the top of the door just under the window. You have to

lift up. Careful, because you will have the wires for the door

light and the power window buttons. Then the panel should come off.

Hope this helps. Edit by Matt: I have the same vehicle as you do

(question) and just had to replace the window assembly. Anyway, do

as instructed above but you need to slide the door handle slot (the

one with the power locks in it) to the right to pop it off. Then

disconnect that wire and the door latch. Then lift up on the entire

thing and run your fingers or a screw driver a long the edges and

carefully pry off the door panel. After that, disconnect all the

wires. There's one for the door light, three for near the window

operations console. Next remove the door lock box, there's two

philip's screws holding it on, just diconnect it, this will give

you more room to work with. Do the same to your speaker. Next use a

little heat to soften the glue around the plastic cover that keeps

the air out and apply heat to the glue to remove it, just don't

melt anything. By then, you should have enough room to unbolt the

window mechanism, there are 4 bolts in a square by where all the

wires are and 2 or 3 more to the left of that. Have someone hold

the window while you take this off otherwise you'll probably end up

with a broken window. Next slide the glass up and out, then unbolt

it (2 bolts on each end). Your window will be free and your

mechanism will drop to the bottom of the door. Then disconnect the

wire from the window motor and remove the cable holders from the

door and slide the mechanism out. My problem was that the gear in

there was missing 3 and a half teeth therefore jamming the window.

Good luck doing this, it's a good learning experience (I'm 16).

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