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To remove the panel: there are several screws placed around the outer edge of the panel that need to be removed. there are also two in the handle area (one is down in the little cubby just below the handle, the other is under the little circle-remove from circle-in the little indent the below the handle. once all the screws are out, there are now several locks around the inside of the panel that need to be unlocked. they are just little things poking out of the panel that snap into the holes in the door frame. you just need to find those and pull with some force to pop the hooks out. it may seem like you are going to break the panel, but it takes a lot of force to unhook these. then, if there are speakers in the door, they panel will be connected to the frame by wires for the speakers. i did not disconnect these, just propped the panel so that the cords were not being pulled on.

to prelace lock: i can't remember if there are screws or if the lock pops out, but do one of those. then put the new lock in (which will actually be the whole handle since they are one piece) and either replace the screws or pop the handle back in.

then to replace the panel, realign the hooks and pop them back into place, then replace all the screws.

this is definitely not as hard as it sounds

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2009-10-27 21:26:01
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Q: How do you remove the inside passenger door panel of a 2002 Mazda Tribute and fix the broken lock?
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