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How do you remove the lower dash from a 1998 Toyota Avalon to replace the center panel or ashtray assembly?

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You first have to remove the compartment behind the shift lever, there are bolts in the bottom of the compartment, remove those, there are also two bolts one one either side just above carpet line in the front a total of 4 in all and the whole unit the center console lifts out. You may also need to remove the cowling arrounf the Radio, which snaps out, carefully. Then you can get to the screws that hold in the Ash Tray.

2015-07-15 20:09:38
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I belivie it is located IN the steering coloum, on the bottom side.

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no its a1997 avalon replacing the mounts

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Your best bet would to take it to the Automobile store.

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In my 96 Avalon there is a screw in the outside bottom of the ashtray cover that when removed exposes the lighter. I did not discover it until after I had forced the entire ashtray past the stops by pushing on the stops with a screwdriver. I knew that was not correct, but it did work just fine and I was able to reattach my lighter which had come loose and kept blowing fuses.

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