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Remove the bolts in the front of the pully it's a tight spot a ratchet wrench works pretty good here.

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Q: How do you remove the pully from the water pump on a 1989 Pontiac Grand Am?
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How do you replace the water pump on a 1995 Pontiac Grand Am V6?

95 Grand AM V6 water pump is fairly easy. You have to take the serpentine belt off. The water pump pully has 4 bolts in it take them out the pully slides off and there are 4 more bolts that hold the water pump in take those out and the water pump slides out.

How much is a water hose for 1993 Pontiac grand am?

how do i replace a water hose in 1993 pontiac grand am

How do you change a water pump on 1999 Pontiac grand am SE three point four liter engine?

take of the belt and the belt pully for the water pump wich is located on the passenger side of motor form lower radiaotor hose. unscrew water pump bolts and remove old water pump.

How do you replace the water pump on a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am 2.4L?

how do I replace water pump 2000 Pontiac Grand AM SE1?

Can you show you a diagram for a water pump on a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am?

need to know where the water pump in at on a 1999 Pontiac grand am

How do you replace water pump on a 2001 Pontiac grand am?


How do you replace the water pump on a 1993 Pontiac Grand Am?

remove the exhaust manifold (its under it) if it is a single or dual over head cam engine

How do you remove water pump from a 1992 infiniti g20?

the water pump is located on the left side of the engine mid way down. remove the belt and then the pully. the pump is located behind of the pully. there is not much room and it is not easy to replace,

Where is the water pump located on a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GT?

Open the hood, stand on the passenger's side and look through the belts right at the middle of the engine. The pully right in the middle is it, the back of the belt turns it.

How do you replace a water pump in a 89 Toyota Camry?

The water pump is located under the timing belt/ front pully cover you need to remove the front engine mount,all belts, crankshaft pully, then remove the cover ( its in two parts) and the camshaft /timing belt as it drives the water pump. Good time to also replace the belt. best to remove the front wheel to get at the crankshaft pully

How to replace heater core on 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix?

You can replace the sheer core, on your 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix, by removing the water lines. Remove the four bolts that hold the heater core in place. Reverse the process to install the new heater core.

Where is the thermostat located on a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am 3.4L?

in the water pump

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