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How do you remove the radio to install an aftermarket CD deck in a 1998 Dodge Caravan?


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if it is similar to a 2000 caravan.... right above the cup holders is a little panel.... pull it off and you will find some screws remove them and the outer cover will come off and then you can unbolt/screw the radio and install an aftermarket one.... most best buys and circut city and other similar stores will sell you a connector to wire into the stock wire harness for the van or car... also some car stereo shops will do the same...

From a 1996:

1. Remove the cupholder. There is a tab in the back top of the centre area. 2. Remove the small section (~4"*1/2") innmediately above the cupholder slot. Just pull it out. 3. Remove the two screws behind this panel 4. Remove two screws immediately above radio 5. Remove panel surrounding radio and to which the AC controls are attached. 6. Remove two bolts on radio: upper right, lower left. 7. Yank.


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