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How do you remove the rotor assembly on a 2002 Ford Expedition is it free floating?


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2015-07-15 21:32:53
2015-07-15 21:32:53

On a 4-wheel drive it is free floating and on a 2-wheel drive you have to remove the axle nut and bearings. From what I have heard in the ford forums is the 4-wheel drive free floating can be hard to remove if they get rusted in place so be sure to have a rubber mallot on hand. I just replaced my front rotors on my 2-wheel drive and it was real easy to get off.


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Hubless design: Raise car, remove wheel, remove caliper, remove brake pad holder, remove rotor. Hub/rotor assembly: Raise car, remove wheel, remove caliper, remove brake pad holder, remove axle nut and cotter pin, remove outer wheel bearing, remove hub/rotor assembly, separate rotor from hub assembly. Re-pack wheel bearings with grease upon reassembly.

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The complete hub and rotor assembly have to be removed in order to drive out wheel studs to separate the rotor from the hub. So, remove wheel, remove caliper, remove caliper bracket, remove axle retaining nut, remove 4 bolts holding hub assembly to spindle, dissconnect ABS sensor harness, remove hub assembly, remove all wheel studs then separate rotor from hub.

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Remove wheel Remove caliper mounting bolts Slide caliper off rotor Rotor will slide off hub assembly

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Remove the tire and wheel. Remove the brake assembly and rotor. Remove the axle end cap. The rear hub assembly will come off.

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Remove the wheel then remove the two calipher bolts that hold the calipher to the spindle. Then remove the calipher assembly out of the way and support it. Do not allow the calipher assembly to hang from the brake hose. At this point the rotor can be removed......1930fcoupe

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