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There are two Philips screws inside the bed. Lower the tailgate and you can see them...

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Q: How do you remove the tail light cover on a 2003 S10 so you can change the bulb?
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How do you remove the tail light on 2003 Toyota Echo?

Look in the trunk, there is a cover over the light assembly - open and you will have access to change the light.

How do you remove the rear brake light cover on a 2003 nisson altima?

you take out the old light and put the new one in

How do you change air filter on 2003 mustang cobra?

To change the air filter on the 2003 Mustang Cobra, you will need to first remove the air filter cover. Then, pull the filter out of the reservoir and add the new filter. Replace the cover.

How do you remove the tail light cover in a 2003 f-350?

it should just be a velcro cover. now if it is the whole taillight then u have to go through ur bed cover and do it that way.

How do you change the air filter on a 2003 Mercedes c320?

Open the hood. Remove the black engine cover and flip it over. Remove the screws that hold the engine cover together and take the cover apart. The air cleaner inserts are inside.

How do you change a fog lamp lens on a 2003 jaguar s-type?

need to change fog lamps on car. the light has brunet out. dolphas k canady. youll need to go from the bottom of bumper. remove cover underneath engine

How do you change the headlight bulb for a 2003 Nissan 350z?

Jack up the front remove tire pull back (unclip) plastic wheel well cover to gain access to head light bulb.

How do you take off the tail light cover of 2003 Ford Focus SE?

You don't, you change the bulb from inside the luggage area. To replace a broken red plastic tail light cover on a 2003 Ford Focus SE, open the trunk of the car. Look in the area inside the trunk opposite of where the tail light is located on the outside of the car. There will be 3 thumbscrews and one Phillips head screw used to attached the tail light cover. Remove all the screws. Pull the broken light cover away from the body of the car. Replace with new tail light cover and replace and tighten screws.

How do you change tail light bulb in 2003 Kia Spectra?

Remove 2 screws under trunk lid, remove panel behind light in trunk, remove 2 nuts from back of light and pull light back to get at bulbs. Kind of ridiculous that you need a screwdriver and a nut driver just to change a bulb.

How do you change the blower motor on a 2003 Grand Am?

If memory serves me correct it is under the dash on the passenger side You have to remove the cover to access it

How do you change pitman arm seal 2003 f150?

Remove the have pitman arm seal retaining cover from your 2003 Ford F1 50 pickup truck. The seal will be visible. Use a seal puller to remove the seal.

How do you remove the gear shift panel on a 2003 G35?

light is out in the gear shift area between the seats,how can I change it?

How do you remove dome light cover on Honda 2003 crv?

Carefully pry it off with a broad bladed screw driver or similar tool.

Remove 2003 outlander tail light?

Just open the back hatch of the vehicle. When you do that, you will see two screws holding the brake light cover to the vehicle. Take them off, then separate the cover from the vehicle. This will gain you access to the lights.

How do you replace automatic transmission shift indicator light on a 2003 grand am?

Remove the cover to the shifter column. The indicator light will need to be detached from the wiring harness. Reverse the process to install the new light.

Who to replace Kia Sedona 2003 rear blinker?

Remove the tail light cover in the cargo compartment. Remove the wiring harness. Remove the blinker retaining screws. Reverse the process to install the new blinker.

How do you change a parking light bulb on a 2003 Hyundai?

how do i change a parking light bulb on a 2003 hyunadi accent

How do you get into tail lights on 2003 Honda CRV to change brake light bulb?

With a straight screw driver. flip the round upper and lower cover, then use a small Phillips to remove the screws. Pry/lift the cover off, then lightly push in and turn the bulb counter clockwise

How do you replace the front passanger side light bulb on a 2003 mpv?

You will need to remove the sidelight cover. Pry outward on the sidelight cover retainings. Push the lightbulb in and turn at the same time to remove it. Reverse the process to install the new lightbulb.

How do you change the light on the gear shift of a 2003 Lincoln navigator?

how do you change the light on the gear shift of a 2003 Lincoln navigator

How to change cabin air filter on the 2003 Accord?

Remove glove box. Remove cabin air filter cover. Replace filter. Put cover back in place, then the glove box.

How do you change the 2003 highlander's rear light cover?

The assembly is all one kit. It will cost you approx. $140. Open the rear door to the cover, remove the plastic panel behind the tire wheel. This will expose the guts to the light assembly. Remove nuts that hold assembly in place, remove lamps, and detach. Reinstall the same way. The new assembly will not come with lamps, you will need to reinstall the old lamps or order new lamps. It's very easy.

How do you change the Fuel filler door on a 2003 Pontiac?

Remove the fuel cap on the 2003 Pontiac. Remove the plastic cover around the filler pipe by taking the two screws out. Under the plastic there are two nuts that hold the door and hinge assembly on. Remove them and the door will come off.

How do you remove engine cover to astro van 2003?

Take it off

How do you replace the overhead map light bulb in a 2003 or 2004 Honda Accord EX?

It is really simple. All you have to do is remove the plastic cover for the map light and the bulb is right there. If you put a screwdrive in the middle side fo the clear cover you can pry the cover off and have access to the light. The cover is made to be removed this way so don't use excessive pressure or you might break it.

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