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2000 Ford Ranger Answer There is a thin plastic cover over the window crank handle. It pops out at the large end of the crank (the bottom) and will rotate out of the way so that you can get at the torx screw. The torx screw holds the handle to the shaft. It goes through the center of the shaft. You can use a flat screwdriver to gently pry the cover away from the large end of the crank handle. No special tool is needed. Once you have the handle off remove two other screws, one at the bottom of the door panel and one in the door arm rest. Then grasp the panel at the bottom and slide up to remove. There are no snap pins holding the panel in place. It slides up and off of the door latch for removal.

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Q: How do you remove the window crank on a 2003 Ford Ranger?
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door handle removal tool any auto part store in HELP section

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First remove the "cover" on the window crank handle. Pop it off, (it is a press fit and has hooks to hold the cover onto the rim of the center of the crank opposite of the crank arm) swivel it aside to get at the star drive headed screw that holds the handle onto the window crank shaft. After the handle's off remove 2 screws; 1 in the arm rest grab handle and 1 at the bottom farthest from the hinge. After the screws are out the plastic panel needs to be pushed up (there are plastic hooks that engage holes in the inner metal panel) this is tricky but be patient and DON'T use screw drivers or other prying instruments or you'll ruin the plastic panel and it will never fit tight again. Good luck!

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