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How do you remove the window winder on a fiat punto front door?


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Ok so it took some time to work out. The rear manual window winder is held on by a horseshoe wire sir clip. Its between the handle arm and the plastic washer that sits on the door covering. I used a flat blade screwdrive to push it out. The closed end of the clip can be seen on the end of the arm when the handle is pointing to 6 o'clock and you push the driver between the arm and washer. you can't release the clip from this side.

Turn the arm to 12 o'clock and use the screw driver to push down on the clip open end. Its a bit of a fiddle but can be done. To refit the handle push the clip onto the arm. check the arm position from the other door. press it on. It goes back on very easily.

hope this helps.