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It's a 99 corolla, get a CD player, tapes are worthless

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Q: How do you repair a cassette player that keeps spitting out the tape when you put it in on a 99 Toyota Corolla?
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Does a 1999 toyota corolla have a cd player?

If it was ordered that way yes.

Is the CD player in 2006 Toyota corolla play mp3 files?

No, it doesn't.

How do you install a CD player in Toyota Corolla?

To install an aftermarket CD player in a Toyota Corolla a new wire harness is needed that corresponds with the replacement player. The old radio needs to be removed and the harness will need to connect to the cabin harness. Then the new CD player can be installed.

What is the risk for my car cassette player "eating" my cassette tape?

This is depending on the year of the cassette player and the type of cassette player. However even though you get the best cassette player you will still run into the problem of a cassette being eaten.

How do you replace the CD player in a 2000 Toyota corolla?

you will need a iso block convertor for the connections (approx

When was My Cassette Player created?

My Cassette Player was created on -20-04-03.

Is ''cassette'' a noun or adjtive?

The word cassette is a noun. I know that we use it as an adjective for things like cassette player, but that really means a player of cassettes.

How does the sound quality of a car cassette player compare to that of a CD player?

A CD player offers a superior sound then a cassette player in which the cassette player offers a low quality stero sound.

Does a grand prix 2004 have a cassette player?

a 2004 Pontiac grand prix has a CD player not a cassette player.

Is there a cassette player with rechargable batteries?

Yes there are cassette player with rechargeable batteries. Even if you buy cassette player that runs on ordinary batteries, you can just replace it with rechargeable ones.

What are cassette Walkman?

A cassette Walkman is a handheld music player which you put a cassette in and headphones in the listen to music.

How can you play audio cassette tapes in your car if there is no cassette player?

I suggest getting a portable cassette player and hook it up to a FM transmitter. However, it would be much less of a hassle to buy a different stereo for your car that has a cassette player.

What is the best brand of jogging cassette player?

The best brand of a jogging cassette player is the Sony Walkman

How much would a cassette player for your car cost?

A normal quality car cassette player costs about $25. If you already have a cassette player, you can purchase a cable to connect it to your car's audio panel.

How difficult is the installation of a car cassette player?

The installation of a car cassette player is pretty easy to install, you will only need a few tools and up to an hour to install a car cassette player.

How do you remove the dash to install a CD player in a 1997 Toyota Corolla?

I have the same problem - I had the Toyota Standard cassette player removed and a sony put in 4 years agao. The Sony has now died and I want to replace it, unfortunately the tools from Sony will ot pull it out. I suspect catches on dash need released, but concerned might break something or set air bag off! I would appreciate any advice - the bugger wont come out!!!

How do you install a Pioneer CD deck in a 1994 Toyota Corolla?

re: need helpi need help installing a pioneer CD player into a 1990 Toyota corolla i installed it and the CD plays but the volume doesn't working and the blinker wont signal on its own i have to keep clickn

When was the cassette player invented?

The cassette recorder was introduced by the Philips Corporation in 1963.

How do you play Werewolves of London?

I have it on cassette tape. I play it on my cassette tape player.

How can I copy cassette music to blank cassette?

You will need two cassette players, an audio cable, and some time. Put the cassette you want to copy in a player (now on referred to as the first player), and plug in an audio cable to the headphone jack. Connect this cable to the microphone jack of the other player; insert the blank cassette in this player. Make sure the tapes don't need to be rewound. On the player with the blank cassette, press record. On the first player (with the material you want to copy), press play. Give the first player enough time to finish playing, and your tape will be transferred! Press stop on the other cassette player.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Cassette Player - 2013?

The cast of The Cassette Player - 2013 includes: Mojtaba Mousavi

What replaced the cassette player?

The compact disc player, or CD player. I remember back when cassette tapes were still relevant, and the CDs took over!

How do you get a stuck cassette tape out of a 2003 Hyundai Sonata the release button does not work?

You will most likely have to have the dealership or other repair shop remove the cassette player and open it up to extract the stuck cassette. Depending on what happened the player could then just be reinstalled, but there might also be serious damage to the mechanism of the cassette player that could require repairs or even replacement with a new cassette player.

What is required to convert a cassette to MP3?

There are four main methods to convert a cassette to MP3. These methods include using Audacity, using Quicktime, using Sound Recorder and using a Professional App. All of these methods require a cassette, cassette player, computer, and a cord to connect the cassette player to computer.

Definition of radio cassette recorder?

a piece of equipment that contains both a radio and a cassette player