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My pool deck is a knockdown texture surface, and then a acrylic finish and it is peeling up, from start to finish how do i repair it.

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โˆ™ 2009-05-31 01:24:44
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Q: How do you repair and repaint the cool decking around the pool?
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What is cool decking?

Cool decking is concrete treated with a special coating that reflects light rather than absorbing it. This keeps the concrete cool instead of hot, even in sunlight. The treatment is commonly used around inground pools. There is also a product for the treatment process called Kool Deck.

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What are the pro's and con's of Cool Deck?

Cool Deck Pro's: Does keep a lower temperature in direct sun. It is very common on pool decking. Con's: Must be put on correctly by a company with a long track record of successful installations. Get a written guarantee.

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I had acrylic decking applied around my swimming pool The paint has chipped with patio furniture and the surface gets hot it's not like cool decking Is this the way acrylic decking suppose to be?

NO! I work for a swimming pool remodeling company ( I don't actually do the work ) I have researched Acrylic as well as other types of decking so that I could honestly answer questions such as yours. I have read information on line and have asked questions from our crews ( to the point of being annoying, sorry guys! )The way the paint is coming up it sounds like the deck was not prepared correctly for the Acrylic coat. It may not have been cleaned correctly or they may have applied it to existing surface material. In addition to that is the paint that is on your deck a quality Acrylic paint? Acrylic does get hot it is simply absorbing the suns heat. Kooldeck may be what you where thinking of when you thought the deck would stay cool. Acrylic decking looks very similar to Kooldeck, but it is much more easier to maintain and is much more resistant to chipping, cracking, and staining. Its also a bit more expensive and takes longer to construct. While Kooldeck is formed the same day that the concrete is poured (it needs to bond to the wet concrete), Acrylic can be applied to a dry deck making it an affordable choice for many homeowners on a budget. That is why you have to question the Acrylic you have, it is supposed to be very durable.

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Exposed aggregate even in coastal climates can be very hot to walk on with bare feet, just like every other concrete or stone. Exposed aggregate is one of the best non-slip surfaces for around a pool. Besides going into specific customized rubberized toppings it is the best non-slip for a concrete.

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