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First of all have you found the cause? Pebble tec cracks because either it doesn't get a good bond to the shotcrete or the shotcrete is cracking underneath the pebble. Cracks found in pebble tec must be patched with pebble patch or caulking. To perform a patch that you care about blending with the existing pebble takes a great deal of experience. Great results are possible but not likely until you have made several patches.

Also one of the common issues with pebble tec cracking is not so much the material,but rather how much pebble tec is applied to a certain area of the pool/spa. For example, pool steps tend to get more material applied on the transition/curveof the step tread and having too much material can cause a delamination after time. Most rolled bond beams being exposed to the outdoor elements will experience bond failure in time. Most cracks can be repaired by the average homeowner with a little bit of handy skills and pebble patch kit.

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Q: How do you repair cracks in the pebble tec around the pool and hot tub?
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Your pool has several small cracks The material is pebble tech How can you fix it?

Drop the water below the cracks. Remove loose cement and texture down 1/4 inch. Mix the Pool Pebble Repair compound. Apply the compound to the crack and wipe off excess. Allow to cure for 12 hours.

How do you repair hairline cracks in a drained concrete pool?

you can either use a good epoxy pool paint if you intend refurbishing the whole pool or use an epoxy paste. V out the cracks and fill with epoxy paste.

What is the better pool Pebble sheen or gunite pools?

Pebble sheen is the finish on the surface of a pool gunite is the cement that a pool is constructed from in other words you can finish a gunite pool with pebble sheen.

What type of material do you use to repair cracks in an in ground concrete swimming pool?

a concrete pool A: Visit your local pool store for professional advice.

Hi, I have a fiberglass that was install 15 years ago. I notice that there a bubbles in the pool recently. i'm going to get cracks , what can I do to prevent that.?

If the cracks are in the surface layer of the fiberglass, the problem can be rectified. These "spider" cracks form in the gel coating of the fiberglass, due to pressures that can occur from a pool that was not installed quite level, for instance. These types of cracks aren't structural. If the bubbles are raised, I would call a pool repair service.

Where can you buy pebble tech for a do it yourself project?

SCP usually has it in stock you can reach them at If you need installation contact Scuba Pool Repair- Repairing your pool Underwater: 800.330.7068 or visit

Is pebblecoating a pool better than plaster?

It is not necessarily better, just different. The pebble finish can come in mini pebble and regular pebble. The mini pebble is pretty close to the quartz aggregate finish(diamond brite) as far as texture, feeling. The regular is much rougher on your feet( kids and sensitive soles can vouch for that). As a contractor I hear this question all the time , and the answer is: if you use your pool frequently, go with quartz aggregate, if you care about the way your pool looks, then go with pebble. Pebble will be around 30% more than quartz aggregate. It is really a matter of preference. Premium Pool and Pavers, Odessa , Florida 727 271 5975.

How often do you have to acid wash a pebble tech pool?

I believe if you check with pebble tech they will say never.

What happens when a pebble is dropped into a pool of water?

When a pebble drops into a pool of water, it goes all the way to the bottom because of gravity. The pebble is more dense than the water, so it displaces its volume of water and heads down.

How do you repair and repaint the cool decking around the pool?

My pool deck is a knockdown texture surface, and then a acrylic finish and it is peeling up, from start to finish how do i repair it.

How do you repair sinking concrete around an inground pool that's causing cracks and is supporting it in small sections digging out and packing with crushed stone acceptable to prevent further washout?

You have to look for the cause and remedy that first otherwise you will be repairing the concrete over and over. The cause of the deck to "heave" is probably a leak in your pool or pool plumbing.

What is the best type of vacuum to use on a pebble tec pool?

The Great White pool cleaner

How much does it cost to resurface a plaster pool?

we are replastering a pool that is 50 X 22 and it is 60 years old--it is costing around 12,000.00. We are doing a pebble fina finish--not marsite.

What do you use to repair cracks between the pool deck and the coping?

caulk NO...caulk shrinks and cracks. Use a self leveling polysulfide compound like Sika or Deck-O-Seal. Now I am talking about the space between the coping and the deck and not cracks in the actual deck.

How do you repair cracks in concrete pools?

Because there are regulations to comply with, a pool installation professional must make the repairs, which usually involves removing a large segment of the pool and replacing it, and sometimes repairing tile if applicable.

Can you use a wire brush on a pebble tec pool?


How do you keep Ants out of a pool?

You can possibly get a plastic of glass screen around your pool or use a chemical to put around pool killing ants that are attemteing to get in the pool um... also if using screen make sure to not leave cracks that ants can get under .........; do not leave food around pool yes put huny around the eage ghost 7

Will it hurt the pebble tech finish if the pool is drained for 3 or more months?

It shouldn't after all the top of the pebble tech pool is out of the water forever and it doesn't seem to hurt it. However be careful that you don't get a build up of ground water around the outside of the pool, This can cause an empty pool to start floating and that will definitely hurt it. If you have a hydro static valve at the bottom that works it should be ok.

I have a pebble tec pool and the people living here before we bought it didnt take care of it and theres white crap all over the pool and my guess its calcium any ideas how to get it off myself?

If it is under water, it is most likely a build up of alkalinity. An acid wash will be necessary to remove it. Pebble Tec does not recommend an acid wash because there is the potential for loosening the pebbles. But there is no other alternative except replacing the Pebble Tec. Shop around for a person that is experienced with acid washing Pebble Tec. Maybe ask your friends or a pool store for recommendations. If tech is careful, your pool should be fine. If you have a white line around the top of the water (either on tile or the Pebble Tec itself), that will be a calcium buildup. Pebble Tec recommends professional cleaning with magneseium sulfate (brand name MaxxStrip). They do not endorse using glass beads.

How do you repair a chlorine stain in a Pebble Tec sheen pool surface?

How do you know that it is in fact a chlorine stain unless you have been using chlorine tabs and the tabs are tossed, spilled or dropped into the pool. Tabs will burn the surface that it touches and often these stains are not removable.

How do you fix your cracked Pebble Tec exposed edge?

It's really pretty easy to do with a little skill you can chip away the old surface, make some scratch marks on the pool beam or surface, I imagine when you say "exposed edge" you mean the "rolled bond beam". The best thing to do is pick up a pebble repair kit of your color and test out your skills at the repair.

How do you wash a pebble tec pool?

Hire a high presure sprayer.

How do you acid wash or chlorine wash a pebble tec pool?


How do you fix a crack in a pebble finish pool?

have crack in pebble pool approx 14 years old ,being told it is due to uncured coping being used ,what can i do, it goes about 3mts from stair to stair, thank you.

Can cracks in fiberglass pool steps be repaired?

Cracks in fiberglass pool steps can be repaired yes and just like new. You may have a liner pool with a fiberglass step or a straight fiberglass pool no matter which one you have, you will want to investigate the reason for the crack and if it is caused by pool backfill or other causes then address that before a cosmetic or structural repair can be expected to be successfull. This may be a job for a pool professional ie: You will also find most quality fiberglass pool manufacturers have repair teams which can assist your repair in the field for a reasonable cost or may qualify as warranty work, since things like defects can be part of a lifetime warranty program. Your swimming pool professional will also have the knowledge and tools for a permanent repair. One last note if your pool has also developed a leak run dont walk for a timely repair before you end up with even more problems, because you waited. good swimming

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