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Steps built into vinyl liner pools are always manufactured with fiberglass. These steps can be easily repaired with products sold at

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Q: How do you repair cracks on PVC steps in a vinyl in ground pool?
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Can you use cement to repair in ground pools that have a vinyl liner?


What would you use to glue or repair cracks in a plastic cartop carrier?

You can find vinyl repair kits at your local auto parts store.

How do you fix a hole in a pool without a vinyl repair kit?

You can't ... since the above ground pool is made of vinyl material, you need to apply a vinyl patch. Has to be a like material to be compatible.

How do you clean steps in an in ground pool With vinyl line?

Try hiring a high pressure spray cleaner

What are the uses of poly vinyl chloride?

To fill in cracks ;)

How do you repair the blue tube attached to the above ground swimming pool?

An above ground pool vinyl liner repair kit may work. You can get these locally at most hardware stores and even Wal-Mart.

Pool Repair?

Many pools have vinyl liners. As the pool ages, the vinyl liner will oftentimes become cracked. These cracks cause water to drain out of the pool, which can result in greater damage. One should never fail to repair this type of leak. The best way to repair this is to patch the crack or hole with a patch kit. These patch kits can be bought both in stores and online. There are different types of patch kits, some of which are meant to be used above water and some below the water. This type of pool repair is relatively simple.

Your in-ground vinyl liner 6ft steps Top step cracked and is under water it is about a 4 inch crack can this be fixed without replacing entire set of steps?

The crack can easily and inexpensively be repaired. Actually, the entire set of steps can be inexpensively made like brand new. Step repair material and instructions are available.

How much does it cost to repair the vinyl on a dodge dart?

Vinyl seats? Vinyl roof? Vinyl dash pad? Vinyl door panel?

Can you repair a snapped vinyl?


What adhesive should be used for patch repair on vinyl liner of above ground pool?

go to ANS 2 - There are special vinyl patches and liquid glues to adhere them with. Sold in Walmart.

How to repair a vinyl hard top rip?

A vinyl repair kit is usually the best option to repair small rips. If the rip is too large for a conventional patch, the entire vinyl piece may need replaced.

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