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How do you repair drivers door does not open from inside or out?



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i had this problem , and have the problem again. a good locksmith can fix the problem but you can do it yourself. you don't even usually have to get into the door assembly which is the case on my 90 lumina. once you have the door open take off the bolts or screws at the top of the inside door. youll see a little metal rod with a rubber bottom that looks like a cv joint. watch it move up and down as you use the door lever. theres a little assembly that needs to be adjusted. if you see a little nut on a thread, you just need to move that nut up or down, probably up. its a little tricky as in once you start getting it open you may need to play with the open or lock function on the door that's necessary to the piece youll move up and down that's attached to the bolt and thread. good luck