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It is prob a relay- I would get a chilton book or go to site- like I was helped by locating a switch that had my a/c not working. It only cost me 14 bucks for the part that I would have never thought of checking or know what is was for. If I brought it to a reg A/c service it would have been ALOT more $$$. save yourself the headache and ck out that place.

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When are headlights required in Illinois?

Headlights are required in periods of darkness and during a rain storm.

What are automatic headlights on a 2008 dodge avenger?

Automatic headlights are those that will automatically come on when you start the car and should sense the ambient outdoor light and decide whether or not to go to full power mode. (If relative darkness is sensed, full power is used. If relative light is detected, a lower power or 'daytime mode' is used.)

How do headlights on a car help a driver to drive at night?

The headlights illuminate the road ahead of the vehicle allowing you to see in the darkness.

Do primary colors last longer than secondary colors?

sometimes yes, sometimes no... it depends on the shade or darkness of the color sometimes yes, sometimes no... it depends on the shade or darkness of the color sometimes yes, sometimes no... it depends on the shade or darkness of the color

How can you turn your headlights off in darkness?

I assume you are asking about later model S10's that have the automatic photo sensor that turns the headlights on automatically when it gets dark The only way to get the lights off in darkness is to PARK, turn off ignition, set parking brake, and then re-start engine. Once you release the parking brake, the lights will come on. and while driving switch the manual control to headlighs on, press the dome override button back to back about 4 times and a ding will then signal manual headlights. just make sure your headlights are on cuz i was playing one night and blacked out on the highway.. haha

How many feet or less should you turn on headlights in times of darkness and limited visibility?

less than a 1000 feet

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Headlights stared,the darkness wrapped his hands around the city,the sea sang her calm tune,the rocks standed still while the waves were hitting them,it can be anything that is non-humanjust give it a personality.but sometimes it's not easytry your best GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How do Automatic Car Headlights work electrically and how do they know when to turn on?

There is a light sensor somewhere up front, probably on the dash. After about a minute of darkness, or when it's dark when you power up, the lights go on. Similarly, after about a minute of lHopight, they go off. I've thought about (but haven't done it yet) covering the sensor on my Jeep Grand Cherokee to have them on all the time. Hope that helps.

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Pertaining to Kingdom Hearts, there's no such thing as Righteous Darkness. You may be thinking of Tranquil Darkness, Feeble Darkness, Almighty Darkness, Sleeping Darkness, Looming Darkness, or Bottomless Darkness; all of those are map cards in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

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