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If the problem is that the wipers "park" in the vertical position instead of the "down" position, then the most likely problem is that the cam plate that attaches to the motor itself "slipped" and is out of sequence. My 98 Regal did that, and I took it to a dealer for answers. I was told that this is a common problem that happens when the wiper arms get obstructed when the arms try to return to the "parked" position when they are turned off-- for example, if ice is on the windshield cowl (my problem!!).

I replaced the motor & transmission, but they STILL aren't just right, I think because I might not have the cam plate and the wiper arms fixed into the correct rotation-- they pressure fit into place and don't have a clear spline by which you can line things up. I can do most things on cars, but this has been a real challenge! The dealer, by the way, wants around $300 to correct this problem-- labor plus $200+ for the new part. It's not too hard to take things apart and reassemle them-- but it IS hard to know how the exact alignment of all the parts when you reassemble. Wish I had a better answer, but that's what I found out. If you have a question, will get you through to me.

Good Luck!

I had a wiper failure while in high during a rain storm. The arm was moving only 10% of the time on the driver side. I took the wiper arm off the toothed cam and fit a rubber washer on there. I then replaced the wiper, which was not easy, but once i did it the arm has not slipped at all. This was a roadside repair so i expected failure within a few weeks if that long, but it has lasted over months and many rain storms. Hope my solution can fix your head scratcher.

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Q: How do you repair intermittent windshield wiper operation on a 1999 Buick Regal?
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