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Well, if its leaking and not holding air then the only solution is replacing the entire air strut if the bag is wrapped round the shock at the top, that's an air strut, unless the bag is separate then just repair or replace air bag. u can but an air strut at Suncore Industries online for about 169. but you have to pay for shipping which brings it up to around 200. any q's you can contact me at, until then chow.

Thats if its a bag leaking. On mine it was the dryer for the system all four hoses were leaking a repair shop sold dryers w/ new lines for $80 i didnt have it so i used epoxy to seal mine it cost me $5. try they have a system chek you can run on it. you also have 3 ride height sensors you might need to chek 2 front 1 rear and a switch in the trunk make sure its on. You can run strait power to the compressor to chek if it works if it dose then your loosing air and there are valves on th bags them selves good luck


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Q: How do you repair the air suspension on a 1985 Lincoln Continental?
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