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first thing to do is disconnect the cable between the seats--there are two 10mm nuts on each cable---then climb under the car and disconnect from the rear brakes if drum brakes take off the drumm and you will see the cable--pull back on the sping on the cable,,i lock it with a small pair of vice grips--undo it from the armature and pull it through the backing plate--then pull the cable out of the boby of the car install in reverse---put the cable on the brakes before adjusting the tension in the car good luck

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Q: How do you repair the emergency brake on a 1985 VW Jetta?
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How much to repair brake line on 1985 Oldsmobile?

do not repair it repace it for safety sake do not shortcut any brake proublems.

What is the location of the emergency break on a 1985 Chevy silverado?

It is incorporated in the secondary rear brake assembly

Where do you find the fuse box for an 1985 cutlass supreme brougham?

Bottom left side of emergency brake

Where is the emergency brake on the 1985 Cadillac Eldorado?

Should be that small pedal on the very left underneath the dash.

How do you adjust the emergency brake tension on a 1985 Chevy scottsdale 10?

if you want to adjust the emergency brake tension on a 1985 chevy scottsdale 10, you would have to get under the truck and take a look at your brakes. it may be that you would have to also look under the hood or ask a mechanic frien for assistance.

When did Jetta Goudal die?

Jetta Goudal died on January 14, 1985, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Where is the oxygen sensor on a 1985 VW Jetta?

In the exhaust manifold.

What is a vw mk2?

A Volkswagen jetta/golf produced between 1985-1992

Where is the brake switch located on a 1985 peterbuilt B?

Top of the brake pedal.

Where is the brake light switch in a 1985 ford cown Victoria?

On the brake pedal arm.

How do you change the front brake disc rotor on a 1985 Nissan 720 4X4?

Brake jobs are not a job to be done without a Manual. Your life and the lives of others and the life of your Automobile depend on them. Please purchase a for A Paper Repair Manual OR for CD Repair Manual and do the Job correctly. Hope This Helps.

How do you remove the instrument cluster from the dash of a 89 Jetta diesel?

The instruction is provided in the Bently repair manual. I have removed for a 1985 Jetta diesel as well as earlier diesels. It is not a difficult proceure. You need to pull out heater, radio knobs and the radio. Need to remover screws and pull out various switches and losed the speedo cable, etc. If I can do it, you surely can do it. Ray

When did cadillac introduce the third brake light?


What are the trim models available for a VW Jetta?

The trim models available for the JW Jetta depends on where you are from. In Canada models available were: base: 1985-1990, Carat: 1985-1992, GLI: 1985-1988, Slalom 1988, and Flair 1989-1990. Trim models available in the USA were: GLI 16v: 1987-1992 GL: 1985-1992, Wolfsburg Edition 1986, and EcoDiesel.

How do you pull the rears rotors off a 1985 Mercedes D190?

Remove rear wheels. Remove both rear caliper and brake pad assemblies. Hang them aside. On the face of the rear rotor check to see if there is an Allen screw securing rotor to axle - remove screw. Be sure emergency brake is not on. Remove rotor. If it doesn't want to come off, emergency brake is probably hanging it up. Locate emergency brake adjuster through wheel bolt hole in the face of the rotor (rotate axle and rotor using a light to locate the star adjuster). Using a screwdrive back off adjuster to release emergency brake shoes. Try again to remove. If it still doesn't come off, hit the face of the rotor at hub with a hammer (not kidding!) as rust may be holding it in place.

Why would the brake lights tail lights and turn signals not work on your 1985 Volvo 240 if emergency flashers are operational and fuses and bulbs are good?

I am having the same trouble. My brake lights work with the light switch for nighttime driving, but only far right brake light works when i pres brake pedal. Reverse lights dont work at all. Turn signals and hazard light work.

How many quarts of oil are needed in a 1991 Diesel Volkswagen Jetta?

Should be approx. 4.5L with an oil filter change. I recommend using Shell rotella 15w-40 oil. -1991 Diesel Jetta/1986 Diesel Golf/ 1985 Gas Jetta owner

What brake fluid for 1985 Honda VT1100c?

dot 4

How do you remove brake drum 1985 pulsar?

very carefully.

Where do you put brake fluid on a 1985 ford -f150?

you put the brake fluid inside the master cylinder

How many brake reservoir does a 1985 toyota mini van have?

the answer is 1.

Why would the brake lights on a 1985 LeBaron not work even though the tail lights work fine?

This happened to my 1985 Lebaron Conv and all the car needs is a new brake light switch mounted on the brake pedal under the dash. Problem solved!

What to do when radiator fluid leaks out in 1985 Toyota corolla?

repair the leak

Is there a bleeder hose on a 1985 f150 rear brake?

there is not a bleeder hose on the brakes. but there is a bleeder valve on every brake on every wheel

How do you change the brake light switch on 1985 Chevrolet Impala?

It is mounted on a bracket under the dash at the brake pedal. From there it is self explanatory.