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I too own a 1987 2.0Si. Both inside door locks were broken when I got the car for $400 US. I have since replaced the lock flappers from the wrecking yard. There is no other way to repair this as the flappers are made cheaply in a flimsy plastic.

You do have to disassemble the door panels for access. Once you acquire the new inside handles, oh yes, the flappers are intregrated into the inside handles, be sure to carefully clean and lubricate all of the pawls and links adjecent to the latch mechanism for ease of operation.

The inside handles are unique to the 1987 Preludes only, so you might have to look at several wrecks before you can come up with one for each side. While you are looking for the inside handles be on your P's & Q's and collect the following plastic security pieces: 1. The plunger and sockets that hold the lower door panel. 2. The small square screw buttons that are similar to the ones that hold the speakers, but are slightly larger to replace the fragile buttons that hold the front edge of the door panels.

You should consider replacing the plastic vapor barrier, since it is most likely falling apart by now. I got a can of a popular spray adhesive with a yellow top and a cow as a logo to hold the plastic in place. Honda used some putty like substance to hold the barrier originally. I removed what I could with a popcicle stick to avoid damaging the painted surfaces.

As a last measure. I lubricated the actuation rods for the lock & door handle where they pass thru the plastic hold downs & also at the anti-rattle felt pad.

Once all of the above steps are taken the doors close with a good solid sounding thunk, instead of a slam rattle, rattle.

The fragile lock flappers can only be cured in two ways as I see it, by using a good solid design in metal instead of plastic. Or be on the lookout for electric locks on later models, 1988, I believe, and grab the solenoids wiring and mounting brackets. Be sure to take notes on the mountings for the left and right doors, so you won't have to go back, as I have to and take notes after the fact.

The electric locks will take the stress off of the plastic flappers, but who cares if they snap again, just put in a button to control the electrics.

I hope my travels along the road can help you. Because the Prelude is a hell Of a car in many ways.

Cood luck,


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Q: How do you repair the inside lock on a 1987 Honda Prelude?
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