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How do you repair the intake manifold gasket on a Mazda Protege 1999?

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2008-01-01 18:46:07
2008-01-01 18:46:07

You drain coolant, mark and remove all hoses.

Remove 8 bolts or so for intake.

Pry intake back one inch or so, so just over studs.

Scrape the old intake gasket off.

Slip new intake gasket on.

Tighten and torque the bolts.

Add coolant, that was drained off.

Verify the fix by checking engine vacuum at idle...15PSI, and steady.

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You do not repair a head gasket you just replace it. Major repair involving removing the intake & exhaust manifold, and the heads.

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You must remove the exhaust manifold, intake manifold, and then remove the head. This is a major repair that should only be attempted by a pro.

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