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How do you repair the power sliding door on a 1995 Lumina APV?

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2011-10-21 14:33:20
2011-10-21 14:33:20

The most common problem with the power sliding door on the 1995 Lumina APV is a circuit that just needs 'resetting.' There are a variety of incidents that will require this including a dead battery that has been recharged or installation of a new battery.

Here's how to re-set:

Make sure ignition is off and sliding door is closed.

Open glove box door and locate fuse box on left hand side.

Remove sliding door fuse (the bottom left fuse on most models).

Leave fuse unplugged for at least 30 seconds.

Plug fuse back in and cycle door open and closed ONE time with one of the two in-

vehicle switches

Wait at least ten seconds before operating door a second time.

Door should now function normally.


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