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This sounds like the same trouble I have with my 1998 Mountaineer. See my answer under related questions. My friendly Ford - Lincoln - Mercury Dealer wanted almost $400.00 now the CD player is dead too.


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try changing the vehicle speed sensor on the back of the trans

You can get a diagram for the door lock assembly in the Haynes 99 Mercury Mountaineer Repair Manual. The book is available at most auto parts and major book stores.

There is a problem with the SRS. This is not a DIY repair. Take this to a professional.

There are a total of ( 4 oxygen sensors ) according to the engine wiring schematic for the 1997 Mercury Mountaineer in my Haynes repair manual ( 2 oxygen sensors are " upstream " sensors used by the PCM to adjust the air / fuel ratio of the engine ) ( 2 oxygen sensors are " downstream " sensors / catalyst monitors )

I have a 02 with 4.6l if it is the same it is pretty easy to do,go to and look up repair info then go to repair guides you have to set up a free membership and it will let you view the repair guides for free,they are very helpfull

if you go to any auto parts store they have repair manuals that show you how to take apart and put back together your specific vehicle, has photos. would find mountaineer in a ford explorer book. cost about $20, but are worth it.

There is a problem with the SRS. Take it to a professional for repair. Working on the SRS is not a DIY job. Serious injury can occur when dealing with this system.

The missing visual display is either a problem with the phone's monitor or a connection problem. you will need to call the phone company and ask them about repair options for the phone.

You don't. This is not a DIY repair. Working on the SRS can be very hazardous and is best left to a professional.

You have to diagnose the system to determine the cause. Check the fuses, the bulbs, the flasher relay then the switch.

Those are pressure fitted with a special tool. Your better off bringing your truck to a automotive repair shop to have them done. I couldn't find the right tool to do the job anywhere.

you can buy owners repair manuals for your car at any parts store which should display the process. be sure to look at more than one to insurre you get the manual that makes you feel comfortable with the repair.

It's probably not going to be a cable, rather, it will be operated by vacuum, and you need to go to a car parts store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 Or, go to a Public Library.

it pays 8 hours labor. so depending on the shops labor rate should be a little under $800.00. call ford on timing chain and all gears and a gasket set

My CHI hairdryer stopped working. Who can repair them?

Then take it to a professional for repair of the SRS. This is not a repair job for a novice. Serious injury can occur when working with the SRS.

Usually, there is no repairing a clock spring. Normally, if there is an issue a person replaces it. It is replaced by remove the air bad and steering wheel, then removing the old clock spring and putting a new one.

On a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer , 5.0 liter ( 302 cubic inch ) V8 engine : The engine oil pump is INSIDE the engine oil pan According to my Haynes repair manual in order to remove the oil pan ( to get access to the oil pump ) THE ENGINE HAS TO BE REMOVED * the engine oil pressure sending unit is on the OUTSIDE of the engine beside the engine oil filter

Moved the computer and now no display works. I tried repair and getting into safe mode on Xp with no luck it goes straight to windows Xp.

I had a company called "Dealer Services" repair my display. It only cost $55 with shipping! Dealer Services 940-882-2158

The rear brakes are a conventional drum system. If you don't have experience working one them I suggest buying a repair manual or taking it to a shop.

You don't. Buy new or good used seat belts. Don't try to fix them if they are not working.

I have problem with my radio display. All digits show just a half numeric ?

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