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How do you replace MAF sensor on 1999 Pontiac grand prix?


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I've replaced the MAF sensor on my 1999 Gran Prix with a 3800 engine. The maf sensor is located on the top of the air intake of the engine. It has one electrical connection on it. I was able to find one at the local salvage yard for ~ $40 USD. A new one was close to $200. You'll need to purchase a special "secure" torx 20 bit to remove the "secure" bolts that hold on the MAF sensor. The "secure" bolt has a torx fitting, but a small shaft in the middle that requires the special torx bit to accomodate. Once you've found the right tool, it should be simple remove the bolts, disconnect the electical plug, and plug the new one in. You should also disconnect the battery for several minutes before first starting the car. This should cause the engine's computer to recalibrate using the new MAF sensor's inputs.