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How do you replace a 1993 Grand Prix LW ignition switch?


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2015-07-15 21:37:40
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This is only "help". I had to have this done by AAA 3 years ago. First disconnect the battery. Then, you have to remove all that platic covering under the dash at that side, remove all the plastic covering the steering column, and there is the "switch", usually two nuts holding it, attached to the column, a plug with all the wires pertaining to "on-off", and a connecting rod to the ignition key up by the steering wheel. Be sure to disconnect the battery to avoid 60amps to your wrench. I hope you weren't asking how to replace the ignition key cylinder. That is simple, but another task. Use a drift pin or nail to push the release pin (inside a 1/8' dia. hole beside the key), release and remove the old cylinder. Usually the key will have to be in the cylinder to remove it. Reverse to install the new key/cylinder. Position is critical in inserting the new cylinder. It must be exactly as the old one. And obviously, the old key will not work, unless you take the new cylinder to a locksmith to be rekeyed to your old key.

There is much more to this than can be described here. I recommend that you buy a copy of Haynes repair manual #38010 since it has a pretty good description of the process and some helpful pictures.


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