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How do you replace a brake light bulb on a 2004 Maxima?


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# Remove cargo hooks by prying out center pin in cap abnd then pulling the whole cap out # Pull back the trunk liner to expose the wiring harness # Pull off the plastic wire harness clips to expose 2 10mm bolts # Remove bolts # From the exterior - pull the tail light assembly straight out (there are 2 pop clips which will require a good yank - I suggest using tape to protect the body/bumper where you will pry from)


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2004 Nissan Maxima brake light bulb replacement: Purchase the correct replacement brake light bulb(s) first, before disassembling the vehicle. See sources and related links below for replacement brake light bulb information. Then consult your owner's manual for the replacement procedure. As simple as it sounds, the owner's manual is the best place to start for brake light bulb replacement instructions and illustrations. You may want to consider replacing both left and right at the same time in order to keep brightness and color equal (optional).

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Remove the tail light assembly cover in the cargo compartment. Take hold of the brake light connector. Push the connector in and turn at the same time. Do the same with the brake lightbulb. Reverse the process to install the new brake lightbulb.

its an LED light, the whole unit has to be replaced. The spoiler needs to come off.

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Easy! Just goto the 3rd brake light and carefully pull off the cover... CAREFULL not to brake the snaps... before hand though, you have to go to the dealer to get the LED's, see how many you will need.

The "BRAKE BULB" light means that a brake bulb is not working and may require replacing.

yes. it should. i have 98 maxima and i use 2004 g35 rims .

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Lift the vehicle, remove the tire, remove the brake shoe/caliper, and remove the old brake pad. Put in a new brake pad, replace the brake shoe/caliper, replace the tire, and then lower the vehicle.

The 2004 Nissan Maxima has a V6 engine.

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