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There is a small square "trap door" in each wheel well directly behind the fog lamps. You can pry it open and access the fog lamps. They just twist loose. the 2008 Liberty in any case.

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Q: How do you replace a fog light bulb on a Jeep Liberty?
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2003 Jeep Liberty parking lights?

replace rear tail light bulb

How do you replace a turn signal bulb on a 2004 Jeep Liberty there is no screws?

how do you replace a turn signal bulb on a 2004 jeep liberty. I can not find screws or a panel to go through

How do you change a stop light bulb in a 2002 Jeep Liberty?

See the amswer for "How do you change the rear stop light bulb on a 2002 Jeep Liberty passenger side". It works.

How do you replace the stopbrake light bulb on a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee? . they show how to replace every light and with what bulb

What is the bulb number for brake light on 2004 jeep liberty?

See sources and related links below for the 2004 Jeep Liberty Brake Light Lamp Numbers.

What size is a Jeep Liberty's dome light bulb?

GE 211-2 -or- 212-2

How do you replace front light bulb on Jeep Liberty 2003?

Go to Schucks, ask for the bulb, buy it and ask the guy to show you how to install it. They do that at Schucks. It's not too tough, but it's good to have someone show you.

How do you change a shift console bulb on a 2002 Jeep Liberty?

Begin by removing the 2002 Jeep Liberty shift console retaining bolts. Lift the shift console up and the light bulb will be visible. Take hold of the light bulb, push in and turn at the same time to remove it. Reverse the process to install your new shift console light bulb.

How do you replace the brake light on a 2001 Jeep Cherokee?

To replace the brake light bulb you need to remove the whole light assembly. Once removed the change is simple.

How do you replace a 2007 jeep taillight bulb?

take the screws out if the tail light and pull the old one out

How do you replace front turn signal bulb on a 2006 jeep liberty Have the lens off but can not separate pj ti get at the bulb. do you twist it pull it?

It takes a half turn counterclockwise.

Replace stop light bulb on 2006 Colorado?

How do it replace the stop light bulb

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